Odoo Change Color/Theme for Backend

odoo change color

When it comes to your ERP system, functionality is the most important characteristic. It has to work and it has to work well, without too many issues or glitches. However, when you use a software every day, its appearance matters too.

Odoo has done a fantastic job improving the theme and layout on each consecutive version of its platform.

OpenERP (Odoo) 7:
Odoo 11:

But you might want to modify the appearance further. Maybe you want it to fit your business or fit your personal tastes. Or maybe you want to modify the UI so it’s easier for your users to navigate and find information. With those aspects in mind, here are some options for you:

Odoo Custom Color Palette

Bista Solutions offers a free custom color palette application for Odoo 10. This allows you to make a simple color change in the software from purple to blue:

Of course, Bista can help you change to the color set of your choice and can do this for all versions of Odoo, up to the latest Odoo 11.

Odoo Change Theme

Another thing you can do is change the theme significantly. Bista Solutions has done this for companies in the past, for example, by including their logo in the navigation bars, making the font larger and more noticeable, and changing the layout.

See the changes we made for the company Elemental Wellness back in 2014 (this is Odoo 8).


As we said earlier, functionality is typically more important for companies than appearance, but sometimes the two go together. Changing the UI can increase employee efficiency if it makes the system easier to use. With Elemental Wellness’ example, it’s easier to see and find relevant information more quickly in the updated version, making the software more user-friendly.

Just as with color changes, we can make more comprehensive layout changes to all versions up to the latest Odoo 11. If you’re looking for any of these UI changes, let us know! We are Odoo Gold partners and can help you with your other needs as well. Fill out our enquiry form here.