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odoo 10 app
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  • Feb 20, 2017
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Introduction to odoo v10:

Odoo v10 is the latest version launched with many new features, integrations, and additions.Odoo 10 has come with a versatile set of features for implementing the manufacturing processes which makes it stand out from its predecessors.

There are many other features which are not specific to manufacturing only to name a few are: keyboard navigation, multi-company switching, file import etc.

Portal attachments:

This is the new Odoo 10 app developed at Bista Solutions whose main purpose is to publish customer related documents on a portal i.e individual users portal.

Sometimes it happens that to each customer company wants to publish some documents like map of address, new price list, new product catalog,a general document, guideline document, user manual for product so that they can publish it directly to user’s portal via adding attachment on customer and that will be published under “Your Documents” on website portal.

After installing the module you could see a new title as “Your Documents” in the portal of the user itself as shown below which also includes every customer invoices, quotations, payments, projects etc.


After clicking on “Your Documents” in the following way the documents are shown which were present in the attachments.



This was all about odoo v10 “Portal Attachments”, we hope that this short snippet would have helped you in getting some insights about odoo.Stay tuned for more insights on odoo.

Please feel free to reach us at sales@bistasolutions.com for any queries on odoo and its related modules.Also, you can write us through feedback@bistasolutions.com and tell us how this information has helped you.