Odoo ERP case Study for reliance Partners

Reliance Partners


Reliance Partners is a leading insurance brokerage and consultancy firm which provides solutions to transportation, logistics, hospitality, and manufacturing industries.
As a company that sells insurance products, Reliance Partners offers solutions-based resources aimed at promoting the success and financial well-being of clients.

    The client requirement

    As a professional services company, one of the most important functions for an insurance brokerage and consultancy company is to provide superior customer service to their clients. Which makes the need for a robust customer relationship management (CRM) tool an imperative.

    Before the Bista team was onboarded, Reliance Partners was using the community version of Odoo for their CRM. Coupled with some other tools, their pain points were the requirement of a unified and integrated tools that brings the entire organization together and improves transparency of the customer engagement within the organization. Since data security is an integral part of any insurance company’s model, keeping the data safe was also the topmost priority for them.

    Reliance partner case study

    Hence, the Bista team was onboarded to create an integrated, robust and secure enterprise system for them. One of the key requirements of the client was to optimize intelligence to generate insights from customer behaviour, geography, demand, etc. A completely customized version of this- we called it TORQ. This tool was to be used by about 90 users across their organization.

    Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures

    By providing answers to each of their unique needs, we created multiple customizations for Reliance Partners. As our diverse team continued to work seamlessly on this project, some extraordinary times started shaping the business environment across North America. This was the brink of a global health crisis.

    As a well-knitted team, Bista is always prepared to serve their clients in the toughest times. In the month March, as COVID-19 hit businesses across the globe, most companies directed their clients to work form home. At a time when the go-live date was right in front of us, the teams from both Reliance Partners and Bista were working remotely. We saw this challenge as an opportunity—an opportunity to transcend geographical and operational barriers and serve the client even better.

    About a moth before the ‘go-live’ date we activated all our communication channels to be able to constantly coordinate with the offshore teams and all other stakeholders from Reliance Partners. This ensured a strong bridge of communications between everyone throughout this the cusp of going live. We made sure that we were constantly in touch with the customer and were responding to all their queries. As we got closer to the project launch date, we even conducted several virtual trainings and learning sessions for their team to learn the software and familiarize themselves with it.

    Going virtually live in disruptive times

    Traditionally, when a project goes live, Bista representatives are physically present to help conduct a coherent transition into this digital transformation. While these extraordinary times did not allow us to be present physically, we made sure we go a notch higher to virtually handhold our client to launch the project which was going to be used by about 90 users across their business. This entirely virtual launch of the enterprise system was one of a kind, for us and the customer.

    Driven by our consistent drive to deliver better, we were able to successfully launch the project virtually without any roadblocks.

    Customer service is topmost priority- no matter what!

    Reliance Partner case study

    We at Bista always go above and beyond to make sure that our customers are satisfied. Even if that requires burning the midnight oil for weeks. Our team of passionate developers and ardent solutions experts is always here to understand your unique needs and help you build an efficient work environment.