Pioneer Automotive Industries | WRITTEN TESTIMONIAL

1. What led to Pioneer Automotive’s creation (backstory)?

Our current ERP is over 20 years old and behind several updates and releases. We reached a point where the hardware update required a software patch and was very expensive to acquire.  We were required to purchase all new licenses.  For the cost to invest in an upgrade, we would not be receiving anything new but still working on the current ERP.  Our leadership team concluded that it is time to search for an ERP that was simple, user-friendly, and came with a superior and experienced migration team.

    2. What system were you using, and what key challenges were you facing with that system, prior to meeting Bista?

    We were using a JD Edwards software application running on an IBM iSeries platform. We were facing Software and Hardware challenges.

    3. What did you want to achieve with an ERP system?

    We needed to achieve a simple and user-friendly ERP system.

    4. How did you find out about Bista Solutions and what was it about Bista that stood out compared to others?

    We researched the best companies that sell and support ERP systems. Bista Solutions had won several awards and had excellent reviews.

    5. What was the Odoo ERP process like with Bista and in which ways did it help your company?

    Bista introduced us to ODOO and put together a perfect migration plan. It helped our company achieve an up-to-date ERP system that all users could feel comfortable with.

    6. How did the G-commerce, concentric, and Zoho integration benefit your business processes?

    EDI is a critical part of our sales order system. We were already customers for G-Commerce, Corcentric, and ZOHO. We had a lot of business with these 3rd party companies. We were able to keep all of our 3rd party business in place while Bista built the migration process into ODOO.

    7. How was your overall experience working with the Bista team?

    Our last ERP migration was 20 years ago, and back then we had to call in a critical recovery team to revive the company. We lost a lot of our customer base. It took a long time to rebuild the trust between our lost customers. So, this migration was scary to think about. Bista stayed with us all the way thru the migration process as we went live into production and held our hands so that we could feel the safe survival of our company as well as keeping our customers happy. We never lost a customer thru the process. But gained customers as we progressed to the new system.

    8. Was the Bista team there to support you even after completing the project?

    Bista was there all the way thru the process and when we needed extra support, they provided all the extra support that we needed.

    9. What has exceeded your expectations since working with Bista? And what are your thoughts about working with the Bista team again?

    Since working with Bista, we can now understand why Bista Solutions is one of the leading ERP companies with many awards. We already keep Bista Support right by our side for those bumps in the road and when some customizations are needed, they understand our problem and recommend a quick solution.

    10. Would you recommend Bista Solutions to other companies in your industry?

    We would highly recommend Bista Solutions to other companies. Bista will not disappoint.