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HRMS EMPOWER helps you elevate the ownership of the organization, systems, and processes. It is a motivational tool as well as the organizational development approach to enhance the performance in the organization.

EMPOWER involves developing and administering processes that are designed to increase the effectiveness of an organization. It includes the entire spectrum of creating, managing, and cultivating the employer-employee relationship.


Employee Master

 Employee hierarchy.

 Employee information.

 Employee family information.

 Employee family visa details.

 Employee experience history.

 Employee calendar.

 Employee org chart.

 Employee visa expiration reminder.

 Employee contract management.


Employee Master

 End of service management.

 Gratuity management.

 Attendance management.

 Timesheet management.

 Individual payslip on email.

 Leave encashment policy.

 Bank report in XLS for WPS.

 Employee overtime management.


Employee Master

 Employee profile.

 Employee contract.

 Employee document.

 Employee expense.

 Employee payslip.

 Employee attendance.

 Employee loan request.

 Employee travel detail.

 Employee exit request.


Employee Master

 Leave multi-level validation.

 Automatic leave allocation.

 Configure public holidays.

 Leave reporting.


Employee Master

 Asset depreciation management.

 Asset history per employee.

 Asset residual & Salvage value.

 Integrated with the end of service.


Employee Master

 Manage job offers.

 Integrated with employee master.

 Repository with all your applicants resumes.

 Manage a pipeline of candidates for your open positions.


Employee Master

 Manage expense per employee.

 Upload expense receipt.

 Expense bank transfer or encashment per employee.

 Expense report.


Employee Master

 Loan approval process.

 Loan calculation on installment

 Loan calculation on installment amount.

 Loan EMI reminder and report.


Employee Master

 Performance evaluation by peers.

 Performance evaluation by the manager.

 Self-appraisal management.

 Appraisal report.