In the digital era, an HRMS has become an essential component of any modern HR department. The amount of work that goes into recruiting, hiring, and cultivating employees is simply too extensive to be handled manually by most businesses. The key is to focus on the ultimate goal which is providing a quality experience for employees from the recruiting phase through long-term employment. When choosing a new Human Resources technology, it is crucial to start with clear requirements. It is very important to outline all the current challenges you are facing in your HR operation. Every organization’s needs and challenges in their HR department are unique, thus it’s critical to employ customizable HRMS software like Odoo HRMS based on your organization’s challenges.

Odoo offers all of the main modules, such as Odoo HRMS, CRM, accounting, sales, purchasing, manufacturing, and so on, that are required for any business, regardless of its size or nature. All of these modules are simple to use and even simpler to customize for your business. As a result, rather than using a collection of programs for certain operations, it is preferable to use a single piece of software.

 Odoo, with its low cost and high customization, is the best ERP solution on the market for this purpose. The Human resource management module with Odoo ERP not only helps in tracking data and workflow across various teams and departments and accessing data easily from individual modules but also results in better quality reporting. It reduces the redundant process of entering data into multiple systems making it time-effective.

Odoo HRMS is a fully-featured system for your HR department. It includes highly customizable modules that benefit your HR department in- 

Odoo HRMS App

Recruitment management – Odoo HRMS makes it simple to automate and manage your organization’s recruiting and staffing operations. It comprises the generation of job descriptions, the quick parsing of resumes, the sorting of candidates, automated interactions with candidates, and multi-channel job marketing.

      1.   Posting job vacancies online.
      2.   Ease in the Recruitment process.
      3.   Help in tracking job candidates.
      4.  Effective talent acquisition.

Employee onboarding- It will help in keeping the hierarchy very clear to HR as all the information becomes easily accessible to know what manager belongs to which employee.

      1.   Track employee qualifications and Resume.
      2.   Store personal details of employees.
      3.   Smoothly manage onboarding and offboarding procedures.

Time and attendance management – Human Resource operations in any organization rely heavily on time and attendance management. Odoo’s time and attendance management module assists in ensuring that the firm is always working toward its goals while remaining time-efficient.

      1. Time-off and employee vacation management.
      2. Attendance registers with biometric devices.
      3. Track employee work Time.

Workforce scheduling- Odoo workforce scheduling helps in creating a well-planned schedule which helps in the efficient operation of the business.

      1. Maintain a Task sheet.
      2. Allow collaborative scheduling.
      3. Mitigates conflicts.

Employers and managers can deliver 360-degree real-time feedback with Odoo performance management. As a result, the performance management process becomes more resilient, efficient, and result-oriented.

      1.   Promote a culture of rewards and recognition.
      2.   Performance Review
      3.   Self-Assessment.
      4.   Automatic tracking of Annual Review.
      5.  Eliminate Bias from the system.  

Learning management- Odoo learning management works effortlessly in gathering, organizing, sharing, and analysis of an organization’s knowledge in terms of resources, documents, and people skills.

      1. Monitoring skills of employees.
      2. Access to learning modules.
      3. Ensuring the loss of Information.
      4. Effectiveness in the allocation of resources.

Payroll– Odoo HRMS payroll module removes the pain of payroll and adds protection to employee personal information.

      1. Easily generate payslip.
      2. Customize Report.
      3. Easy processing for Reimbursement claims.
      4. Manage contract.
      5. Periodic employee evaluation.
      6. Employee appraisal Request.

Benefits management– The Odoo Human Resource management system aids in the effective management and tracking of benefits and facilities, as well as how employees use them. It also updates the current benefit program’s revisions and modifications.

      1. Tracking and management of employee benefits.
      2. Keeping track of incentive/bonus programs.
      3.  Track payroll, past records, and Tax deductions.

Predictive analytics – Estimating employee performance, planning, retainment, efficient budget handling when done smartly with Odoo HRMS will result in the output that is truly a blessing for any organization.

      1. Selection and Interview process.
      2.  Employee performance.
      3. Employee Engagement forecast.
      4.  Retaining Employee.
      5. Recruitment analysis.

Employee Health Management- Employee health management is crucial for employee morale, productivity, cooperation, and communications. Odoo HRMS offers Employee health management.  

      1. Assessment of health risk.
      2. Record of short-term and long-term diseases of employees for an emergency.
      3. Help in establishing an employee wellness program.

Event management- Event management module in Odoo helps in the proper execution of small to big, Easy to complex events and conferences smoothly.

      1. Information about upcoming events, birthdays.
      2. Scheduled Reminder for events, conferences.
      3. Ensure Safety measures. 

Why is Odoo HRMS the best choice for your HR department?

  1. Highly Customizable- The Custom Odoo Human Resource solutions can introduce automation and boost the overall efficiency of the firm. Incorporating as many functions as feasible into an HR system can improve usability.
  2. Simple and easy Interface- The easy and simple to use interface of Odoo HRMS helps in enhancing employee self-service without disturbing the HR team every time.
  3. Easy employee tracking- Monitoring employee work, timing and efficiency is another feature of Odoo HRM. It helps in tracking employee timesheets, work hours, punch-in/punch-out timing, leave applications, work-from-home requests, and more. These employee timesheets can be analyzed by project managers to track their availability and evaluate their performance. In addition, timesheets might be directly integrated with the accounting system to automate payroll processing.
  4. Increased Scalability- As a result of market conditions, businesses frequently require rapid scaling of their operations. Odoo HRMS improves integration with older systems and adapts to changing business conditions. It also reduces the time required to expand or downsize HR activities, resulting in cost and time savings.
  5. Safeguard Security of HR- For the HR department in an organization, managing applicant and employee records entails adhering to security policies and protocols. With technology changing on a daily basis, HR departments must remain safe at all times. Odoo HRMS includes built-in security, which saves time and ensures ongoing privacy.
  6. Speed up Recruitment process – The automation of the recruitment life-cycle can help the HR department overcome key challenges. Odoo HRMS allows for the creation and access to a vast resume library. Scanning and screening candidates for roles, education, and job responsibilities become considerably faster. Online portal-based interviews, document management, and role creation guarantee that onboarding takes as little time as possible. This results in a significant increase in the recruitment team’s efficiency.

 There’s no doubt that a company’s recruitment process is very critical. When a firm employs solutions like Odoo HRMS, things become a lot easier. A robust HR department that is both agile and responsive is what an organization wishes for and can easily be created by a well-designed and integrated Odoo Human Resource Management System. It will help employees deal with the challenges that come with their ever-changing environment. Adding a speck of automation to the workflow will smooth it out and result in a lean, self-sufficient staff. Since our inception, we have used Odoo HRMS as our human resource tool, and we have seen how it has benefited us as a company. We are an industry leader in developing bespoke Odoo HRMS solutions that will address the challenges of your HR department. Contact Us.