Odoo Overview

As a comprehensive business management software, Odoo ERP offers a suite of open source business apps that allow users to deal with different functionalities like sales, reporting, accounting, finance, CRM, purchasing, POS, and much more.

In fact, its adaptable modules are suitable for any kind of business. This means that Odoo ERP has solutions for companies across all industries. Regardless of how big, small, complex or multi-layered the company is, Odoo can adapt to each company’s budget and needs.

Additionally, Odoo’s user-friendly and comprehensive user interface makes navigating the ERP a breeze. Its optimized interfaces facilitate communication between each app, resulting in a seamless user experience and quicker data processing, which results in a better overview of your business.

Odoo Features

Integrated Business Application

  • Odoo is a one-stop-shop for all your business management needs. Odoo implementation comes with integrated apps/modules

Seamless User Interface

  • Odoo’s UI is not only easy to navigate, it is both responsive and allows you to optimize your business processes via its quick data reports.

An Automated System

  • Odoo automates business processes, allows for easy integrations, and operates across all devices.
  • With Odoo, you can also automate apps/modules with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


  • This is key for companies with multiple businesses. Companies operating internationally can benefit from Odoo’s multilingual capabilities. Furthermore, different modules can be customized, created and managed simultaneously to help multiple companies, or to help companies with multiple warehouses/websites/eCommerce, and more.

Complete Customization

  • Odoo allows users/developers to customize almost all applications. This makes it easier for the ERP to fit around your business needs, instead of changing your business processes to fit the software.

Affordable ERP

  • Odoo is known to only charge you for functions that are in use. Beyond its transparency and needs-based options, Odoo also provides a free community platform full of thousands of apps.

Highly Modular Application

  • Odoo has modules that meet the needs of most businesses.

Constantly Revised Application

  • A large community of Odoo developers keeps rolling out newer and better versions with extensive functionalities every year.

Why Odoo over other ERP's?

There are many reasons to choose Odoo ERP implementation. From its community platform that allows developers to create and customize Odoo apps to the type and amount of applications, Odoo has to offer, and more.

One key reason is Odoo’s open-source feature. This allows businesses to avoid high-cost software, constrained functionalities, as well as being locked in by a specific vendor.

Beyond that, Odoo is completely customizable and is constantly being improvised by a large number of Odoo developers. This means that any company that has Odoo implementation is guaranteed a stronger, more secure, and updated application.

Ultimately, Odoo has the capability to adapt to your business needs instead of the other way around. It is the best open-source to optimize your business.

Odoo implementation

Why Choose Bista Solutions As Your Odoo Implementation Partner?

  • Odoo Best Partner Winner in North America (2021, 2018, 2016, 2015)
  • Odoo Gold Partner
  • 2+ Decades of ERP Experience
  •  200+ Odoo Certified Developers
  •  High-Quality Coding Standards
  •  No-third Party Outsourcing
  •  Presence across North America
  •  Service in Enterprise & Community Editions
  • Can help companies across all industries
  • Flawless Odoo ERP implementation


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    Connect with our team at Bista Solutions today to discuss how we can help optimize your business with an Odoo implementation.