Odoo Pricing

Odoo Pricing

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Bista Solutions offers Odoo implementation services for your business. Learn below about Odoo pricing for users and modules, and then scroll to the bottom to request a personalized quote from Bista.


Odoo User Pricing


Per User x $20.00 $24.00 USD/Month

Odoo Module Pricing

*NEW* Odoo 12 Modules


$24 USD/month

Store, send, and sign documents internally.

Internet of Things (IoT)

$30 USD/month

Easily integrate IoT devices with Odoo using the IoT Box. Seamlessly employ devices in business processes using Odoo modules.

Odoo Accounting


$24 USD/month

Manage bills & expenses, reconcile, auto-sync with bank.


$12 USD/month

Create, send, and receive invoices for customers and suppliers.

Odoo Manufacturing


$48 USD/month

Manage your manufacturing operations and work orders.


$24 USD/month

Handle entire product lifecycle, including BOM and routing changes.


$24 USD/month

Respond to maintenance requests and automate preventive maintenance.

Quality Control

$24 USD/month

Set up control points, run quality checks, and set up alerts.


$24 USD/month

Organize and manage projects, assign tasks, and analyze and optimize resources.

Odoo eCommerce


$24 USD/month

Build your website with easy drag-and-drop interface. Include a blog and contact form, and manage multiple websites from single Odoo instance.


$12 USD/month

Manage and sell products online. Change prices, modify product information, run promotions, and more.

Ebay integration

$72 USD/month

Integrate your Odoo platform with eBay. Sell products both on your store and on eBay. Manage everything from one place.

Odoo Operations


$12 USD/month

Track and manage employee/team expenses, validate or reject payments, and easily create reports.

Odoo Inventory


$36 USD/month

Serial and lot # tracking for all inventory, including inventory characteristics such as type, number, and warehouse location. Complete traceability.


$12 USD/month

Manage purchases, set up automatic procurement rules, and track incoming inventory.

Odoo Marketing

Email Marketing

$12 USD/month

Create email campaigns with beautiful templates, send emails to targeted groups, and track statistics such as open rate, link click-throughs, and more.

Marketing Automation

$36 USD/month

Set up alerts, run drip campaigns, and assign leads to sales team members.


$12 USD/month

Host and manage events, including promotion, ticket sales, and event calendar.


$24 USD/month

Receive and respond to customer support tickets. Integrate with multiple contact points, such as email, contact form, and live chat.

Odoo Sales


$24 USD/month

Manage customer through entire sales funnel, from lead to won opportunity. Assign leads to salespeople and integrate with web form submissions.

Point of Sale (POS)

$24 USD/month

Sell products with Odoo POS while online or offline. Integrates with tablets, computers, and other machines.


$12 USD/month

Easily create and send quotes and invoices. Close deals and accept payments.


$24 USD/month

Sign documents internally and also allow customers to sign quotes and deals.


$24 USD/month

Manage subscribers and recurring payments. Easily send contracts, invoices, and more, all with complete ease.

VoIP Integration (Asterisk)

$36 USD/month

Accept inbound and make outbound calls straight from your Odoo platform. Schedule calls, set up call queues, and record call information.

Appointment Scheduling

$12 USD/month

Allow clients to schedule meetings online. Set availability using time slots. Integrates with Google Calendar.

Odoo Shipping

DHL Integration

$36 USD/month

Ship products to customers with DHL integration.

UPS Integration

$36 USD/month

Ship products to customers with UPS integration.

USPS Integration

$36 USD/month

Ship products to customers with USPS integration.

FedEx Integration

$36 USD/month

Ship products to customers with FedEx integration.

Bpost Integration

$36 USD/month

Ship products to customers with Bpost integration.

Easypost Integration

$36 USD/month

Ship products to customers with Easypost Integration.

Odoo Human Resources


$12 USD/month

Track employee working time and hours. Allow employees to input hours and manage activities.


$12 USD/month

Track employee absences and vacations. Create new leave types, set quantity limits, and accept & reject requests.


$12 USD/month

Manage your hiring processes. Create a job board, add listings, respond to incoming applications, and track through interview process.


$12 USD/month

Create and schedule regular employee evaluations. Create surveys and boost employee productivity through periodic checks.

Odoo Development


$72 USD/month

Customize your Odoo instance. Create your own apps, design reports, and automate workflows.

Odoo Services


As an Odoo partner, Bista Solutions helps businesses implement Odoo. Our services typically involve:

  • Odoo configuration
  • Odoo customization
  • Odoo integrations
  • Odoo upgrades
  • Data migrations
  • Training
  • 24/7 Support

Whether you’re implementing an entire ERP system or looking for one-off customizations, Bista Solutions can make Odoo work for your business’s unique needs.

For a full quote for our services, please submit your contact information below or call us at one of our locations:

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