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Odoo Summary

While there are a number of enterprise resource planning software's to choose from, Odoo is hailed as one of the most economical options on the market. It’s about 10 to 15 times less expensive than alternative ERP solutions. Odoo Pricing is less expensive and is considered as the best pricing for SME. Used by millions of businesses across the globe, this business management software has a plethora of apps that help facilitate day-to-day operations.

Odoo Apps

Odoo markets itself as having “an app for every need”. With over 30 concrete Enterprise apps to choose from, and over 18,000 open-source Community apps (i.e. apps customized in a collaborative effort) - that statement is anything but a stretch.

In addition to its scalability, Odoo’s open-source apps are user-friendly. If you wanted to tweak a particular app at the code level to better suit your business’ particular needs, all you would need to do is have a developer do this job for you. You cannot get a more “tailor-fit” experience than this. Furthermore, with its intuitive UI, this software is accessible to basic as well as advanced users. Odoo pricing for each app varies depending upon the app.


As established, Odoo apps a plentiful - however, its core functionality lies in the following applications:


This integrated platform allows you to automate manual processes like stock adjustments and reporting, as well as permits customers to directly download invoices/delivery orders and view pending shipments.


Take a look with this intuitive user interface that gives you a broad overview of sales activities, among many other features.


Gain full tracking capabilities of materials and products from suppliers to customers (i.e. automatic delivery orders for customers based on availability.)


Manufacturing: Easily manage assembly and/or manufacturing operations with this app.


Automate the invoicing process, track asset, depreciation boards and generate amortization entries, and much more.


Centralize employee information (status, job title, contract type, etc.), create weekly and monthly timesheets, and more.

Of course other apps include Website, Email Marketing, Expenses, Sales, Point of Sale, Project, Purchase and as mentioned before - many others. Each app serves its own purpose as well as embodies the greater goal. For example, you can boost your sales with apps like CRM, POS, and Sales. Perhaps you’re looking to streamline your operations, in which case Odoo offers apps for Inventory, MRP and Purchasing.

Odoo Pricing

So now that we have established that Odoo has several perks - let’s take a closer look at the Odoo pricing and how it all works. At the core level, without the purchase of any apps, the subscription starts at $24USD/user/month for first time purchasers, and $28USD/user/month for all other users. This amount only applies if you would like to be billed annually. 

If you choose a monthly billing, the Odoo subscription pricing starts at $30USD/user/month for first time purchasers, and $35USD/user/month for all other users. 

It is important to note that this Odoo pricing is purely based on the number of users.

At this stage, users under the subscription get access to Odoo’s scalable cloud infrastructure which includes hosting, incremental daily backups on two continents, email integration, high quality security, 24/7 monitoring and a control center to manage your Odoo environment. Also Odoo instance upgrades are done based on demand so you always benefit from the newest features. Additionally, you get access to support via email or live chat in application (Monday-Friday, 24/5, in both English and French). 

But what if you wanted to benefit from Odoo apps - what’s the price?

Odoo pricing

As you can see above, the prices vary depending on your preference. Moreover, if you wanted to incorporate extra integrations - the Odoo pricing would be as follows:

Odoo pricing


Bista Odoo Success Packs

If you aren’t sure of what apps you need, that’s where the Odoo Success Pack comes in. The image below indicates three different pricing options - depending on your business’ needs.


Bista Odoo Success Pack comes in
3 different packages


Hour 50

Blended Price/Hour



Small Odoo Success Pack Includes:

  • Configure & Implement all basic Apps


Hour 100

Blended Price/Hour



Medium Bista Odoo Success Pack offers:

  • Configure all Basic Apps
  • Advanced Apps Like
  • Manufacturing,
  • Inventory,
  • Accounting
  • Basic Customization


Hour 200

Blended Price/Hour



Large Bista Odoo Success Pack includes:

  • Configure all basic Apps
  • Implement Advanced Apps Like
  • Manufacturing,
  • Inventory,
  • Accounting
  • In-depth Customization

Bista Solutions | Odoo Partner Pricing

Named Odoo’s Best Partner in 2015, 2016, and 2018 - Bista Solutions is considered to be the Best Odoo Gold Partner in the USA. Not only does that mean we know our way around Odoo, the Bista team also consists of ERP specialists that have the knowledge and experience to come up with solutions that are both industry-specific and tailored to your business’ needs. Our 250+ successful North American implementations speak to our expertise, and our emphasis on customer service will ensure your satisfaction.


Odoo partners are able to go through the enterprise Odoo apps, as well as the thousands of Community Odoo apps, and find a solution that fills in your business gaps, addresses any pain points and provides a cost-effective and modular solution all in one. So connect with us for low Odoo prices and get a free consultation with Bista Solutions today.

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