Projects & Timesheets – What is the Relationship ?

Timesheets have become necessarily an important implementation that each organisation should have. Timesheet has become an integral part of any business today and also it has become an indispensable part of the organization. This is a formal proof and a document to view the amount the employee has to be paid based on the amount of hours he has worked.


This also helps the employers to assign the task to the employees. While assigning the tasks to the employees there should not be over utilization and underutilization of the employees. For these things timesheet can be of great help. As the project proceeds the information that are entered in the timesheet can be framed to graph that will be easy to compare the growth of the projects. This will help the project lead to have a clear idea of what is actually going on and also to keep track if the team is surging towards to the completion of the assigned task. Irrespective of the size of the organisation, the timesheet is indispensable for any organisation.

By having a time tracking software at your fingertips at all times, you actually never lose the track of your current expenses for the projects. Use of timesheets will help you make your projects flow better, in monetary as well as time utilisation terms.

Some organizations use it for raising invoices for the customers whereas others use it to study the developers pace and engagement with the allocated work.

In most service companies where Odoo has been integrated, service sheets, or timesheets, have revolutionized the current management practices. These service sheets are produced by each employee as they work on different projects and their running tasks. Each of these is represented by an analytic account in the system. An analytic account is the account for the project with names same as of project to track its expenses. Throughout the day, when employees work on one project or another, they add timesheet lines with the details of the time used on each task.


The added lines show up in ‘Timesheet Activities’ in HR. However the timelines there doesn’t show up the project associated with the timesheet.

Not only does the timesheet help you become more efficient and optimize your pricing, it also helps you to make sure that you maintain your projects within possible project restraints. This way, you will always be able to track your funds and you will also be able to know the overall total expenses for any project, at any time. Hence it’s important for HR and management to view the project and the task each employee has filled in timesheet.

Our customizations for linking the projects with HR timesheets work in both the ways i.e. filling the timesheets in project tasks and displaying in HR timesheets and vice versa. Along with the date, user and timesheet, it also displays the project and the tasks.


Not only this, but it also allows users to fill the timesheet from ‘Timesheet Activities’ for a particular task of that project.


This way a proper link is established among the project, its tasks and the timesheet activities.


However, in an organisation there can be billable as well as non-billable projects. There might be no tasks associated with non-billable projects while with the billable projects, tasks are very important. In this case, filling the timesheet from ‘Timesheet Activities’ can be tricky but with our link between project & HR, it becomes easy & efficient. The task becomes mandatory in case of billable projects while filling the task for non-billable projects is not mandatory since the non-billable projects may or may not have tasks.

With this link, mapping of project tasks and the timesheets become easy & reliable from the management perspectives and also provides a flexible approach to the employees.

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