Top 10 Benefits of Meat ERP Software

meat erp benefits

How Can Meat ERP Software Empower Your Business?

ERP software benefits businesses of all shapes and sizes by helping them cut costs and making them more efficient. Depending on the industry, however, the importance of these benefits may be magnified or reduced, and some new benefits may come into play.

Meat processors, for instance, deal with perishable goods so timeliness is a key factor in assuring their product is top-notch. With the right meat ERP system, meat processors can deal with this and other issues, and gain the most from their software’s implementation.

Here are 10 benefits of a properly customized ERP software for meat processors:

1. Prevent spoilage:

With an ERP system, meat processors can track the date and status of their meat. Using this information, they can automate the process of moving a good from fresh to frozen, in order to maintain it as long as possible and prevent spoilage.

2. Track batch information:

Meat ERP systems also allow processors to track batch numbers and therefore monitor information relevant to entire batches rather than just single products. This is relevant in the example above for preventing spoilage since the date and freshness of the meat are typically information consistent for whole batches.

3. Respond to recalls:

By monitoring the quality of their products, meat processors can quickly and easily respond to recalls. Since the information is available on the ERP system, the business can figure out the dates of the batches in question and issue recalls for those items when necessary.

4. Comply with USDA and other food regulations:

In addition to assisting with recalls, monitoring quality helps a business comply with food regulations. Having the information present in the database can also help reduce the company’s liability in certain situations.

5. Automatically move received products:

With ERP software, meat processors can automate the movement of received products from suppliers, e.g. into inventory, saving time and labor.

6. Deliver the product on time:

Though timely delivery is important for all industries, it’s even more crucial for meat processors, because the meat needs to be delivered while it’s still fresh. Data from meat ERP software can provide sales with accurate information regarding delivery dates so that they can then communicate this information to customers.

7. Handle promotional offers with ease:

Customized meat ERP systems can track information regarding promo offers and discounts for particular customers. This way, businesses can integrate these discounts with their overall accounting system and communicate this information to the rest of the company.

8. Gain a real-time overview of the entire business:

Meat processors can develop insights based on up-to-date information constantly available to them with ERP software. This gives the business leaders in the organization far better decision-making abilities.

9. Streamline business processes:

Because data input by one department seamlessly transfers to another, some parts of the business that were previously manual can now be automated.

10. Reduce the amount of software and/or integrate them:

Because ERP serves as one uniting database, meat processors using the software don’t have to have different applications for every different need. Even if they want to retain certain software, they may be able to integrate this with their ERP system so the business works more harmoniously.

As said before, standard ERP applications may not offer all these benefits, but a fully customized one will be able to. Bista Solutions offers an ERP software specifically developed for the meat processing industry called OptoMeat. If you’d like to learn more, click here or give us a call at +1 (858) 401 2332