7 Things About BPM Tool Your Boss Wants To Know


1. BPM tools are not that risky:

BPM is a tool, which needs certain cost for implementation and, if handled well, can be used to achieve demonstrable benefits. BPM may not be the solution for all the business problems, but is definitely remedy for most of the problems.

Many organisations have considered or even begun enterprise-wide BPM programmes to tie all business processes together using a single methodology and software tool support. Business Process Management (BPM) tool can help us gain a competitive edge.

BPM tools are not risky; in fact it helps to reduce risk level in business process.

2. Process Automation:

Business process management (BPM) tool enables automation of activities or services that accomplish a specific function or workflow. BPM enables integration of workflow tasks with back-end systems, thus removing the need for manual work.

The wish to reduce cost or free up resources through automation of specific processes is fulfilled by BPM tool.

Automation is the driver behind BPM to reduce cost.

3. Enable continuous process improvement:

BPM is not a single time activity, but is a continuous activity of process optimisation. It continuously improves efficiency of the process and also adapts the changes in the business environment.

BPM allows processes and rules to be optimized, monitored and re-visited easily. It help us know what is process speed, process time-lags, process-bottle necks, process errors etc., which are crucial points for analysing process improvement.

BPM is the key to achieve constant process improvement.

4. BPM reduces costs:

Now-a-days mostly all the organizational leaders are looking for the ways to reduce investment. BPM tool handles most of the business decisions without human intervention, reducing labour costs, development cost, etc. BPM tool improves process time, quality and transparency, thus reducing risk of compliance failure which in turn will reduce cost of rectifying failure.

BPM Tool helps to reduces costs and redundancies.

5. BPM tool helps to increase productivity:

Increase in productivity increases company growth, if all the above points are put together in a correct manner it will help to increase productivity. BPM tool ensures that all the business process implementation is done effectively, thus increasing the productivity of the business. The goal of BPA is not only to automate business processes, but also to improve business productivity and profitability.

Productivity means Profitability.

6. Decrease Risk and Increase Agility:

BPM may also be used to help reduce operational risk. BPM tools are more flexible to adapt changes in the business process automatically, rather than having a risk of manually make changes in the business process which might lead to chaos or even ruin whole process. BPM tool handles most of the business intelligent rules and help reduce corporate risks.

Those business processes which are continuous and long term process, if they are built with BPM platform, it will help organization become more agile. Greater process transparency also provides greater agility to react faster to changes in the business environment.

Reducing risk and increasing agility are the key agenda for organization to grow faster than its competitors.

7. Allows you to do more with less:

The BPM tools also help in doing more with less effort. BPM tool helps employees to handle multiple tasks at a same time through single application in place. Because of which it helps in recognizing team’s talent, efficient time management and lets you put more effort toward achieving your organization’s goals. BPM starts with the documentation and formalization of business tasks and rules, thus reducing dependence on few key employees.

Work smarter, not harder.