Accounting software – ERP Software – The Difference

The reason of this small post is that people normally get puzzle as they find similarities between and Accounting software and ERP software but in fact they both are different holding different facility. Let’s have a look on the disparity between and ERP software & an Accounting package:

Accounting software or Accounting package only handles individual business functions related to Accounts only whereas (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning software handle all the aspects of your business functions.

An ERP system is considered as one of the fully integrated Business software managing and covering all the functional areas of your enterprises such as Finance management, Human Resource Management, Sales, Purchase, and Warehouse Management etc. The main feature of ERP software is to integrate all your processes and information in one Business solutions so that you have all information in hand from various departments.

ERP system increases your ability in different areas of your organization whereas accounting software only concentrates on the financial aspects of your organization.