acumatica pricing

Adopting a new business management software requires a significant amount of time and money. Traditionally, the cost of an ERP system will vary depending on many factors, like your vendor’s licensing policies, the number of users, your industry of operation, and how many customizations and integrations you require. However, Acumatica pricing works differently.

With Acumatica, you don’t pay for each user you add, you pay only for the computing resources you actually use. So, your cost is based on the features and resources that you choose to utilize, and not on the number of users who access the system. 

3 Factors that determine how much you pay

Acumatica pricing structure uses three simple factors to determine exactly how much you will pay:

  • The applications you will start using now
  • The type of license you are considering
  • Your projected level of consumption based on the volume of your business transactions and data storage

What differentiates Acumatica from other software providers, is the Acumatica pricing policy which is based of resource usage as opposed to the user count. The resource tier paid by you is sized to support the volume of transactions of your business. You can start from one tier and expand or shrink as per your requirement.

What makes Acumatica pricing different?

One of the key differentiators of Acumatica pricing model is that it comes in incremental tiers and can be adjusted as needed.

  1. Scalable application pricing – The foundation of Acumatica’s cost is the number of applications you want to implement. Since all the applications are integrated and can be added at any time, you only buy what you need. You can add or remove the applications as your business requirements change. For example, you can start with CRM and Financial Management, and then add applications such as Manufacturing or Service Management as your company expands its operations. In addition, you can also purchase product extensions individually.
  2. Unlimited users – With Acumatica’s consumption-based pricing model, you pay based on the resources your company requires for the transactions you anticipate. And you can always increase or decrease these when deemed necessary.
  1. Various options for software licensing – With Acumatica you can pay based on the type of license you pick:
  • SaaS Subscription – This is an annual subscription fee based on our Acumatica ERP pricing. In this plan, all your Acumatica installation and maintenance responsibilities will be handled by an experienced, full-time IT organization such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Private Cloud Subscription – Acumatica also offers a private cloud option where you pay an annual fee. Here you can deploy on-premises or at your preferred hosting provider.
  • Private Perpetual License – With this plan, you can pay a one-time cost for the perpetual license up front with a recurring annual maintenance fee and deploy the software on-premises or at your preferred hosting provider.

Instead of enforcing a rigid cost structure, Acumatica pricing is determined by your business needs and requirements. Bista Solutions as your Acumatica partner, takes the time to work with you, understand your specific requirements, determine and allocate experienced resources and consult modules for your company. Ultimately, we present you with a reasonable price for your requirements.

Contact us today or take a tour of the system to see if Acumatica is the right choice for your company.