Advantages of an ERP integrated eCommerce solution

Enterprise Resource Planning tool is one of the most important and complete business software for any organization today but if you do business through eCommerce and your ERP is not integrated with your eCommerce website then it would not consider that you are using a complete package.

Here we go with the 5 most important benefits of integrated ERP software with your eCommerce website:

1. No Duplication of Entries – One of the key features of an ERP integration with your eCommerce website eliminates the re-entering or re-keying process which further allows you to have more accuracies in accounting and other modules. Further, this importance also provides you to waste your time on re-entering of the entries into an ERP system and Vice versa.

2. Less Manual Process – ERP and eCommerce integration allow you to have less Manual intervention as every part or entry is taken care with the help of this integration. Automatically uploading of all the entries in the ERP system or vice versa helps to reduce re-entry.

3. Improves inventory – ERP e-commerce integration allows you to check your inventory in real time, Products uploaded in the ERP system can be automatically published on your eCommerce website.

4. Reduce Time

5. Quick Updates on Purchases sales inventory in your ERP system as well as on your online stores, which further helps you to have quick decision making and correction.

We at Bista Solutions have implemented Odoo (previously known as OpenERP) application integrated with Magento which have provided with various other advantages to our clients across the globe.

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