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Introduction: –

As we all know that today doing Business is very much complicated and competitive task. It is not only competitive in terms of selling the products and services, but also in terms of kind of management one organization carry out. Every business in today’s economy wants to increase their Graph points on top.
Hence, it is necessary for every organization to see that what kind of work focus is going on in the internal department of an organization, for the same there is a need of a BPM Tool which provides and solve all the internal departmental problems.

Business Process Management is a management tool which focused on providing all the aspects of an organization with the needs and requirement of clients.BPM provides effectiveness and efficiency in different kind of processes of an organization. BPM is a tool which provides management with improving the processes on a continuous basis.An organization is more efficient, effective, organization capable and work with pace if they are implementing BPM tool because it focuses on different hire organization.

As BPM allows organizations to obtain business process from technology infrastructure, it goes far beyond automating business processes (software) or solving business problems (suite). BPM helps organizations to create competitive advantage.

Technology plays an important role in allowing the user to:-

Improve their process by designing them better through which it would be more suitable for their organization
Also, it Simulate the change to the process, and by then Comparing the various simulations to determine an optimal improvement
Selecting and implementing the improvement
It gives control through the deployment of implementation and defining the user define dashboards which monitor the improvement. in my nest post.

Business Process Management also addresses many of the mission-critical IT issues such as:-

  • It provide to manage end to end, customer facing processes
  • It merges data and increases visibility.
  • It increase the flexibility and functionality of current infrastructure and data
  • It helps because it can be integrated with existing systems.

In my coming posts, I would be starting with the Open source BPM & Workflow management software.