The benefits of an ERP and CRM Integration

ERP and CRM Integration

ERP and CRM Integration

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are two different product where ERP makes Organization’s Financial Operation and Management Process Seamless, CRM focuses on Customer Services and Marketing. If ERP and CRM are integrated then Organization will have a single integrated solution for Financial operation, Management Process, and Marketing Process.

Many ERP, as well as CRM products, have integration capabilities. So any ERP Integration Company can facilitate the CRM integration to ERP products but choosing the right partner is very crucial as this decides the End Results also ERP Customization can be done based on CRM which will enhance the functionality.Bista Solutions has the history of delivering the successful integration solutions to the customers.

Benefits Of the ERP and CRM integration are listed below:

  • Data Consistency
    • If ERP and CRM are integrated then there won’t be a case where data in CRM will differ from ERP. If any user changes the data in ERP then it will reflect in CRM and Vice versa.
    • So Data consistency will make sure every user irrespective of the products CRM or ERP will have updated information.
  • Improved Quote Management
    • In case if ERP and CRM are not integrated, Sales Rep won’t be having information about updated discount policies as well as inventory count so providing sales rep that information is quite helpful so while making quote they can consider these aspects.
  • Improved Visibility
    • For Integrated ERP and CRM, users will have a better access to any information. So if any users want to access any information he/she can access in integrated solution unlike in case if systems are not integrated then the user will have to search in particular system.
  • Reduced Training Cost
    • Learning two different Product can be tedious for the users and also this will increase the training cost. The integration of ERP and CRM makes it easier for the user to gather and analyse the data.
  • Improved Forecasting
    • Integrating ERP and CRM will generate more accurate data. Companies will have better visibility of the Customer lifecycle and can access all the important information in one place.
    • In case if ERP and CRM are not integrated then each system may provide different forecast reports which will be difficult for the organisation if they wanted to make some strategic decision based on the forecast.
  • Reduced IT Overheads
    • When there is only one solution for both ERP and CRM then it will bring down the maintenance cost as well.

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