Business Process Management Training – Managing Workflows

Bista BPM & Workflow Training offers you & your organization Business Process Management Training which allow your employee to create different Business Processes & workflows. This training also allows your business to have a better view of your different processes of different department. Bista BPM Training allows you to create end number of work flows for your organization with less dependency on the vendor. Bista BPM training includes Basic and Advance course with 1 month of unlimited tickets in creation, implementation and integration of your business processes.

Bista BPM training offers you training on one of the leading open source tool using ProcessMaker which is a web-based workflow automation tool. Bista training can be achieved online as well as onsite to a group of employees of your organization.

Following are the course outline of the training.

  • A quick overview on Business Process Management
  • Implementation of BPM tool using ProcessMaker
  • BPMN and other standards ProcessMaker and other tools
  • Managing Processes and Managing Users in Processmaker
  • Process Mapping
  • DynaForms
  • DynaForm Fields
  • Dependent Fields
  • Managing Cases
  • Reporting in ProcessMaker

ProcessMaker Advanced Training includes the following

  • Process Supervisors
  • Sub-Process Case Tracker
  • Web Entry
  • Conditional Notifications
  • Process Permissions
  • PM Tables
  • Events
  • ProcessMaker Integration
  • Invoking web services from ProcessMaker
  • Using ProcessMaker web services

What’s More ! BPM Training materials such as Notes, Videos and other materials are also provided so that new employees can learn on BPM implementation easily.

Your organization can also register for “Trouble Ticket Support” annually.

Remember* : One Business Process will be implemented by Bista Solutions as per your choice which will cover at the time of training with your employees.

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