CAD ERP Integration for Manufacturing Companies

CAD ERP Integration for Manufacturing Companies

One integration being requested more frequently by manufacturing companies is the integration of CAD software with ERP systems. This connects a business’s engineering with its production, helping to streamline these processes.

CAD stands for computer-aided design, and refers to software that engineers use when developing a product in the design stages before it is built. Popular CAD software include AutoCAD, CATIA, FreeCAD, Inventor, Solid Edge, and SolidWorks.

The Problem:

After a product is designed in CAD, engineers need to send the bill of materials (BOM) to manufacturing so they can order the factors of production and then build the product. If a company lacks a CAD-ERP connection, engineers will have to manually input this data. There are two main difficulties with this.

One is that manually inputting this data is extra labor. Your engineers will have to grab whatever data they need from CAD, load up ERP, and insert it in the correct form. For many companies, this will be a major pain point, because engineers are losing a significant amount of their time.

Potentially worse, however, engineers can make errors during this process. Such errors can lead to the business:

  1. Ordering the wrong parts
  2. Ordering too many units of certain parts
  3. Ordering too few units of certain parts

When it orders the wrong parts or too many units, at best, the business may be able to return the items or store them for later use. At worst, the business may just have to scrap them, leading to wasted money.

Meanwhile, ordering too few units means that production is delayed. The business has to put in a late order, time is lost, and the customer will be unhappy that his goods are not arriving as scheduled.

How CAD ERP Integration Solves These Issues:

There are two common ways of integrating your CAD and ERP software.

  1. Upload CAD files to ERP:

In the first way, CAD files can be uploaded directly onto your ERP system. For example, Odoo, an open-source ERP software, allows users to upload CAD files straight to its PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) module. After this, employees can easily make BOM changes.

  1. Initiate Production from ERP:

In the second way, the CAD software can be directly integrated with the ERP, allowing your business to fully automate the process from development to production.

In both scenarios, the BOM and corresponding data is automatically sent to manufacturing. Firstly, this speeds up work. Secondly, engineers spend more of their valuable time doing engineering rather than clerical work. And finally, your business is far less likely to make errors, saving you time and money, and also leading to a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

Bista Solutions can integrate different CAD software with Odoo, permitting a business to become far more efficient. Bista can also customize the integration to make sure it works exactly as the company wants it to.

We’re already doing this for several clients. If you want your business to be next, let us know! You can reach us at +1 (858) 401 2332  or leave us a message using our contact form.