Cloud ERP on boarding mistakes to be avoided

ERP mistakes

The whole purpose of implementing an ERP solution is to get more visibility and increase efficiency in the organization. ERP solutions like OpenERP streamlines businesses by integrating and consolidating systems while connecting the entire organization.  But even with cloud ERP the software only works after proper onboarding is done by the company.  That’s easier said than done.

Cloud ERP being fairly new in the industry still has some resistance from deployed ERP implementations. The primary reason for this is the execution of the project. None the less Cloud ERP will have a smooth onboarding if certain key points are avoided:

1. Poor Planning with low executive buy-in and support

Without proper planning, an ERP project is doomed to fail.  Simplify the process with ERP on demand for easier planning and budgeting. It’s very important to carry out a BRD (Business Requirement Document) before on boarding the Cloud ERP.

2. Change Management and inadequate training

It’s human nature to resist change especially when it comes to technology. It is important to follow change management guidelines to create a change of culture among the staff. During the onboarding process, start the training process early with easy to use software and the process will go much smoother. Also, even before the cloud is completely deployed the users should be given a ready to use account just to get hang of the new system.

3. Viewing ERP as a simple IT project

Having a fully integrated ERP system can redefine the way a business operates.  For this to happen and to get the most of an ERP cloud or on-premise system, the entire organization needs to buy-in.  In order for them to do that, the project needs to be a part of everybody’s daily agenda and communications.

With cloud ERP many of the old difficulties faced by on-premise implementations, but many of the same mistakes can still be made.  It still takes planning, management, and buy-in to make it work properly. Remember, it’s a change in technology and for a smooth flow, your resource needs to be adaptive.

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