How To Create multiple websites with single administration panel in magento


Can you imagine making multiple websites with single administration panel?
Yes, it is possible.

Magento provides the flexibility to setup and manage multiple e-commerce websites from a common administration panel, so that administrators can easily generate reports, get payments and do shipping configurations of their web shops using single administration panel.

Let us first  understand how to create two  websites in magento.

  1. Login to your administration panel and move to “Manage Stores” menu present inside System >configuration.
  2. There is already a default website called as the main website.
  3. Enter the below fields – Description of each field is given. Below are the fields required to enter and description of each field.
    1. Name * (Mandatory): This is the name of the Website which will display across the orders to all customers.
    2. Code * (Mandatory): This is a unique code of the website which is used to uniquely identify the website. It should be unique for each of the websites.
    3. Sort Order (Non -Mandatory): Defines the order in which these websites will be listed.
    4. Default Store: Every website displays content related to a web store. This field is a drop down which lists all the web stores created. Hence we need to create a web store to assign it to our website. Process to create a web store is listed below.

Now, Let’s see the process of creating Web Store:

  1. Inside Manage Store, there is a button to create a store which starts the process to create a store.
  2. Enter the below fields, description of each is mentioned.
    1. Website * (Mandatory): Select the website you want to associate the store to.
    2. Name *: Provide a name for the store.
    3. Root Category *: List of Root categories created in Catalog->Manage Categories.

So now we have 2 different websites. We can add more store views to each of the websites.

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