CRM – Selection

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  • Mar 22, 2010
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As in my previous post i discussed about CRM Selection maintaining the best relationship with your costumers with the help of Information Technology.

Here the question arise that what technology on CRM one should use to maintain records of the customer?

The most probable answer is that as we all know that there are many software in CRM technology available in the market today, and it all depend upon the how you want to take it.

we always use words which divide a whole into two such as “pre” and “post”, “am” and “pm”,”past” and “future”, “AD” and” BC” etc.Similarly in Technological world there will be two words which will be more popular in future while selecting any kind of software that is “Proprietory” and “Open source”

Both the technology are the indirect competitors for each other. In the world of CRM also they both exist today. There are certain technologies which is prorietory and certain which are open source.

Selection of these technology is solely depend on the features which is provided by these softwares. There are CRM which need extensive customisation for certain business needs where people select Open source technology, and there are certain CRM which follow the best practices of industy (Proprietoy softwares).

Depending upon the need of the business and complication normally selection happens.