Customer Relationship Management

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  • Dec 16, 2016
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CRM module in ERPinCloud

The CRM module in ERPinCloud allows you to track your best leads and opportunities for SME business. It has capability of customizing your sales cycle, controls statistics and forecasts and setup marketing campaign automation to improve your sales performance.

Customer Relationship Management1

  • Lead Automation

CRM software manages your entire sales process life cycle and automated rules for leads. It also ensures that no leads are lost or neglected.

  • LinkedIn Integration for Contact Management & Twitter Search Integration

CRM solution will import your contacts from LinkedIn and allows you to automate your lead processing using Twitter.

  1. Click on Sales tab

sales tab2

2. Click on Twitter Searches in Twitter menu


3 – Specify the name

specify name3

4- Select the Model as Lead/Opportunity

lead opportunity4

5- Specify the Search query (For eg: Search for CRM softwares“)


6- Mention the Page Depth

page depth6

fetch twets 7

7 – All the tweets posted on the specified query get fetched from Twitter

8- The tweets fetched get converted to Lead

To create customer from LinkedIn

1.Click on ‘Sales’ tab

2.Click on Customer menu

3.Click on ‘Create’ button

customers from linkden8


  • Type the name of the customer in the name field and click on ‘LinkedIn’ icon

put name 8


  • Click on ‘Save’


  • Fetch mail Integration With CRM, Outlook & Thunderbird Plug-ins

Synchronize your emails with ERPinCloud CRM .Seamless integration with popular e-mail clients, MS Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Central place to capture, track and manage all your emails from the CRM. Due to fetch mail integration with CRM feature ERPinCloud CRM creates leads on reception of mails.

  • Sales Team And Service Team Hierarchy

CRM sales manage the Sales and Service team hierarchy and analyses sales pipeline. Get accurate forecasts with the ERPinCloud CRM business intelligence engine to analyse your sales activities.

  • Task Management for CRM

Task creation on CRM and Helpdesk. Purpose is, when employee logs in the system, he/she can check all his tasks irrespective of created for lead, reminder, meeting.

  • Quotations And Sales Order

Convert opportunities to quotations in one click, convert the quote to a sale order and follow-up sale (invoicing, deliveries, etc.)

  • CRM Dashboard

CRM dashboard represent the graphical view of parameters set by you and create the convenience to view by the superior in the company.

crm dashboard11

We hope this snippet of CRM in ERPinCloud helps you in conversion of your Leads to Sale Orders seamlessly. Stay tuned at Bista Solutions for more information on ERPinCloud.

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