E-commerce made simple with Magento integrated Odoo

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  • Apr 24, 2017
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In the E-commerce companies Order management system, customer support system, dispatch system, order tracking system, etc are applications that can streamline the experience of the customer across the buying journey. But if these systems are disparate it could ruin customer experience.

Whether it is a small or medium sized business problems, Magento Integrated Odoo provides countless profit to the online store owners. This special system permits you to handle all the orders, products, order status, etc. It can be customized as a system according to your business needs. This yields a far more result oriented approach for the eCommerce portal. An integrated Odoo and Magento has a proven track of record and provides the primary flexibility required for a growing online retail business. One can manage a number of stores, conduct transactions in various currencies and also get a detailed report about every imaginable detail of the business. It brings all the data of the business on hand for the business owner and makes operations a thing of ease.

Magento integrated odoo eCommerce software offers a consolidated view of the business and provides an avenue for quick decision-making to the business owner. It allows access from anywhere in the world thanks to the cloud-based management and makes keeping an eye on operations merely a click away. And this form of a system can manage multiple companies with equal ease.

Odoo integration with Magento offers the number of benefits to e-commerce merchants.

Some of the benefits of having an Odoo integrated with Magento are:

  • Single Tool, Multiple Functionality: Integration with Magento store provides a complete ERP system, from which one can manage orders, products, categories, customer information, etc.
  • Multiple management of stores: Odoo integrated with Magento permits handling of multiple stores from a single software. Apart from that, non-Magento stores or different online platforms, etc can also be integrated. Thus, inventory management for all these stores becomes much more convenient, rather than managing from a different back-end altogether.
  • Shipping integration: With Magento integration, one can also include additional connectors to manage one’s shipping services. Integration with known shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc is possible.
  • Management of product types: The Magento Odoo connector supports the import of all types of products except configurable products helping the users to maintain a perfect record of the inventory by creating a bill of materials for bundled product types.
  • Multiple currency features: With a multi-currency feature in place, managing sales and resources from a single tool becomes possible. It helps in segregating chart of accounts for each company.
  • Quick Implementation: Odoo with a Magento connector can be integrated and implemented quickly.
  • Well-managed data : Reduce the data redundancy and error.
  • Data Synchronization : Synchronizes key data 24/ 7. The Magento Odoo connector processes the import of orders on the basis of the order status in Odoo, thus synchronizing the information across the e-commerce and Odoo platforms. No need to do manual data entry.
  • Cheap : Cost effective open source system.
  • Easily customizable : In Magento integrated odoo system we can easily made changes according to new business requirements.

Surviving in the E-commerce competition, which is no less than war, requires the outstanding strategies. If you don’t want to struggle, then give extra efforts on your every aspect of business. You must be prepared for challenges and growth at every stage of your business, Magento Integrated Odoo System will help you in it, and ultimately it will have a better chance to bloom.

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