ERP & Data Migrations – Experts Inputs

ERP Migration

Planning to migrated from Existing ERP solutions to New ERP solutions, or planning to upgrade old ERP version to new let’s see what industry experts say on the Migration of an Enterprise Resource Planning Software.

  • Raghuraman Ramamurthy, an operational excellence leader at software firm Barry-Wehmiller International Resources, states that switching to a different ERP system requires just as much forethought as a new implementation”.
  • “This means considering how underlying business processes will change as a result of the new system, as well as assessing any potential compatibility issues between the software and existing infrastructures”.
  • “ERP software cannot be considered as a standalone piece of software, but as a complete system that will have a major influence on the way businesses operate”.
  • “Drive the decision to migrate bottom-up, rather than top-down. If people are bought in you can be sure that your migration will be successful,”  

Data Migrations

Data migration is one of the most important and crucial part of any ERP Migration which needs a proper analysis.

Some of the Data migration strategy/step consists of the following:

  • Identification of Data
  • Master and child record entries – Material Master, Customer Master etc
  • Transaction Data – Every day transaction data
  • Set of Data – Data for different countries
  • Setting up of tools for data migration
  • Data achieving
  • Security

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