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What ERP services does Bista Solutions offer? When companies call us, they often have similar questions: Can Bista Solutions help my business? What sort of projects do you do? And of course, the ever-present, How much will it cost? We will try to answer all of your questions about ERP Services.

To make it easy, we’ve decided to talk about some of the answers to these questions below. Of course, we can only cover this in general terms, so if you still have specific questions, please reach us using our contact form.

For now, though you can watch the video below. If you prefer the text version, you can continue reading underneath that:

 00:00 Introduction
 01:04 Full implementation projects
 03:45 One-off projects & customizations
 06:19 MSAs
 08:33 Staff augmentation
 09:59 Whitelist
 11:56 Key personnel
 12:22 Timeline
 13:24 Budget
 16:09 Global ERP services
 16:54 Conclusion

Types of Business and Business Verticals:

At Bista Solutions, we help a range of different companies, from SMBs to large enterprises (including household names like Samsung, Hyundai, and Toyota).

We serve business globally, often sending staff on-site or working offshore, depending on the needs of the particular company. Our headquarters are in Atlanta, GA, CA, USA, and we have multiple locations across the world, in Canada, Ukraine, UAE, and India.

Verticals we work in frequently include (but are not limited to):

erp services

ERP Services

Bista Solution helps with many types of ERP services. We implement whole ERP systems and consult with organizations to align the software with their business processes. We also do smaller projects, as well as projects with less fixed outlines. The main ERP systems we offer are Odoo ERP, NetSuite.

Our services typically involve consultations, development, integration, customization, and data migration. Finally, we also offer 24/7 support after a project is finished.

Our different projects can be categorized into the four options below:

    In this approach, Bista works both as a consultant and as a software developer. Our goal is to learn your goals and processes and design ERP software that streamlines your business and helps you work more efficiently.
    The business processes covered by the Odoo implementation depends on the business, but it can be anything from Sales and CRM systems to Accounting and Finance, to Manufacturing, to Inventory Management, to Supply Chain Management, to Human Resources, to eCommerce and more. We have significant expertise in ERP Service implementation.
  1. One-off Developments: Bista Solutions also does small one-off developments for companies looking for one or a few changes. This frequently includes customizations, integrations, and/or data migrations. We’re happy to help with these smaller development projects, and they often evolve into other projects down the road as we discover new opportunities that benefit the client.
  1. MSA’s: When a customer is interested in an ongoing, dynamic relationship with Bista, we can give them an MSA, or Master Service Agreement. This provides the customer with a “locked-in” rate for a certain period. Our ERP service clause are mostly general clause related to license, cost of implementation, timeline, etc.
    As a customer, this gives you a lot of flexibility. Sometimes, you may not have complete knowledge about what you’re looking for or believe that you may find new requirements over time. Or perhaps you have a limited budget and need more flexibility. In such cases, an MSA is a good option for you.
  1. Staff Augmentation: Another scenario is that you have your own IT team and are handling an implementation yourself, but need extra resources or expertise to make sure the project goes well. In this case, Bista can help with a staff augmentation model. Here, we offer our developer ERP services as an addendum to your existing team. This way, though the implementation is under your control, you have enough resources and also have proficient ERP developers to help your implementation go successfully.


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Information We Look For:

Let’s say you understand the ERP services we offer and are about to give us a call. What can you expect going forward, and what information should you be ready to provide?

  1. Timeline: What sort of timeframe are you looking for the implementation? Do you have a deadline? The answer here will help us set proper expectations. We’ll also be able to activate our resources to ensure we finish on time.
  1. Key personnel: Who are the key personnel in your business who will ultimately decide whether the project moves forward? Who has a stake in the process? Identifying these decision-makers and getting them involved early on will ensure we know everything we need to know about the project goals, and also get the ERP implementation started.
  1. Budget: Last of all, what is your budget? Many businesses are reluctant to give budgetary information. This is perfectly understandable, as they may expect the vendor they’re in conversation with to raise prices if the budget given is larger than needed.
    At Bista Solutions, we focus on offering fair prices at or below market value. However, even if businesses are still uncomfortable, it’s important we at least have a general idea of the budget. Otherwise, as occasionally happens, we may suggest solutions that are out of your price range and only discover it doesn’t fit a few weeks down the road. Your time is valuable, and we don’t want to waste it, so it’s important we have some general information to get us moving in the right direction.
  1. Whitelist: Very often, we will also ask you to send us a whitelist by email after we’re done speaking to you. This will be a list of the services you’re looking for and modules/features you want to implement. This does not have to be overly technical, but can be point by point with short descriptions about what ERP Services/Modules you are looking to implement.
    The goal of this is to make sure there is no confusion about what you’re requesting for your system. This way, what you’re looking for is in your own words, and can be used as a point of discussion for our sales and development teams, and assist progress going forward. We at Bista Solution work on the agile system by keeping everything on documents. We prefer to draft word of mouth also on paper to keep a healthy relationship with our clients.

Hope this is helpful! If you’re interested in our ERP services, please give us a call at +1 (404) 631-6219. You can also reach us using our contact form here.