ERP Software That Should Track Your KPI

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You purchased the ERP system you need on the assurance of having a single database and the many and deep insights that could include it. ERP software can be purchased on the capability to bring up the data quality and the company’s analytical probable. Often, these claims don’t turn to reality. This might in large part be credited to the company’s use of their dashboards. By correctly creating and distributing dashboards, users can create actionable insights, be alerted about the business developments and fads, then be able to drop reports and information to their manager and seniors.

Dashboards give very helpful insights and within, NetSuite you have an enormous selection of data visualization tools and you never have to get additional applications for your business.

NetSuite ERP Software allows the creation of KPI’s Scorecards which is often exhibited in the KPI dashboard Scorecard portlet. You could create various KPI Scorecards for the many functions you have identified in your company business. Customised KPI Scorecards make users able to quickly compare multiple, intricate KPI data across multiple time runs or accounting intervals.


Among the key benefits associated with using NetSuite is its potential to supply you with a complete insight of your company processes from an individual location. This is critical in analysing your present performance and determining ways that you can improve on. Centre point to this will be the KPI portlets, which provide everything you should know instantly. As well as the standard KPIs proposed by NetSuite, you can include customised KPIs, that are actually your saved searches.

KPIs, i.e. Key Performance Indicators can show results as time passes for your business information and data in NetSuite.  A KPI dashboard component enables user to view results in table format, and typically you can drill into these. You could have only one KPI dashboard component on your home page of NetSuite, nonetheless it can have multiple rows of data within it.  You can even create custom tabs for added information.  A KPI meter dashboard component allows an individual KPI search end result as an image. You can include up to 3 KPI Meter portlets to your NetSuite dashboard. Each meter aesthetically represents data for just 1 KPI that is viewed in the dashboard’s KPI portlet.


To make a customised KPI Scorecard under NetSuite navigate to:

Setup > Customization > KPI Scorecards > New.

Enter the essential header information Name, Description, and Owner and then go into the info on below mentioned tabs:

  • KPI’s > That’s where you can choose the various KPI’s that you intend to screen on your KPI Scorecard. If desired, you can also determine the specific evaluations and formulas in this section.Be aware that when you have created custom KPI’s that you intend to use, choose the Custom KPI # and you could specify the related KPI on Custom subtab.
  • Date Ranges > Choose the various date or Period range that you intend to screen on the Scorecard. These will connect with all KPI’s on the scorecard and can likewise have comparisons and comparison type defined.
  • Custom > In the event that you made any Custom KPI # options on the KPI subtab, then place the equivalent custom KPI in the drop-down.
  • Highlighting > If you want, enter into any highlighting rules that you would like. These can help emphasize specific data on your Scorecard in line with the requirements you identify here.

A resulting example for the KPI portlet can be referred in the below screenshot:


KPI Dashboards for NetSuite helps permit business to get the greater return from NetSuite ERP information quickly and better value than others. Users of NetSuite KPI have dynamic access to effective visualizations that are fundamental for businesses to have insightful decision making.

With more than hundred personalized reports you don’t need to be concerned with excel sheets anymore.

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