How to Simplify Fleet Management process using ERP System

fleet management

Fleet managers face many critical issues; the major challenges are vehicles/Fleets, Cost and Contract Management.


In this article Here, we will discuss these challenges and how to overcome them using ERP Software

In an ERP system, there is a module called Fleet Management which helps to manage fleets and transportation departments effectively. With the help of this module you can easily track vehicle+ contracts, their fuels intake, servicing history, odometer tracking etc.

Some of the benefits offered by Fleet Management Module in ERP are as below:

Vehicle Management:

This Feature allows you to register the vehicles/fleets into the system such as vehicle Registration number, Supplier information, Contract Type, Driver associated with the vehicle and other information. It contains almost all the car manufacturing details at one place. You can easily edit, remove and process in a  single click.




Cost Management:

Cost management becomes easy with this feature.  It allows you to calculate and track the actual cost incurred on a particular vehicle. It also helps you to track services that were consumed by the vehicle, overall fuel consumption and odometer tracking.


As Shown in above image: each vehicle is tracked with its exact date and kilometer reading.

For each and every trip that fleet covers, you can make an entry in ERP System, about how much fuel has been consumed and what is total kilometer covered. This way you can easy maintain the records and make better decision about controlling and managing fuel consumption

Contract Management:

This feature is helpful in managing the contracts of the vehicles which are been hired. Some of the key benefits of this feature are:

  1. Type of contracts can be defined e.g. Leased or Owned.
  2. Duration of the contract i.e. period from starting date to end date
  3. Frequency of the contract e.g. Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.

Overall the Fleet Management Module helps you to

  • Improve record keeping,
  • Improve Employee Efficiency,
  • Reducing Fuel Consumption,
  • Tracks your vehicle location at a given time Manages vehicle’s Lifecycle

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