How furniture manufacturing software can transform your furniture business

Furniture Manufacturing Software

Leading a furniture manufacturing business involves potentially future-changing decisions. From vendors to equipment, your furniture manufacturing business differs from nearly every other manufacturing organization, and your path to business growth is unique. This is why your preferred furniture manufacturing software solution should also have answers to all your unique needs. Specially designed for manufacturers, NetSuite’s cloud business management solutions provide the foundation manufacturing companies need to streamline critical business processes. Manufacturers-of-tomorrow requires a foundation that enables resilience, agility, and transparency. NetSuite manufacturing frees you to focus on innovation rather than the burden of maintaining hardware and software.

Since the furniture manufacturing industry is unique and requires the flexibility to adapt to today’s ever-changing business environment, we listed down a few reasons why Furniture Manufacturing software is the answer to all your questions:

furniture manufacturing software

Real-time, cross channel inventory visibility

Multiple, disparate legacy applications disintegrate your data and do not give you valuable insights. With NetSuite manufacturing, you can bring your data into one customizable system with the transparency of your distribution center, furniture showrooms, outlet centers, and eCommerce channels.

NetSuite offers geography-agnostic control and real-time visibility over your supply chain globally or locally. Apart from this you can also increase transparency with suppliers, contract manufacturers, and vendors and serve as the ultimate go-to NetSuite furniture manufacturing software.

Streamlined order management and procurement processes

With NetSuite manufacturing, you can deliver true omnichannel shopping and service experiences across mobile, web, in-store and call center.

NetSuite’s advanced order management solutions enable companies to capture this omnichannel experience by delivering the perfect order every time with minimal effort by enabling businesses to fulfill orders from anywhere in a timely manner so they can delight your customers with a satisfying shopping experience.

Empowered sales associates and customer service

Be it B2B OR B2C, Furniture manufacturers today sell through many channels. NetSuite’s commerce capabilities have been designed specifically to seamlessly allow your business to grow and expand sales through any channel.

NetSuite enables your sales team to record every interaction with customers to provide the best customer service, from marketing campaigns to sales to the delivery experience to service and support in a single transparent CRM system.

NetSuite manufacturing CRM delivers powerful capabilities that strengthen customer relationships and drives the complete customer lifecycle. NetSuite CRM provides a seamless flow of customer information to everyone in the organization. It empowers them with the entire customer lifecycle from lead through to opportunity, sales order, fulfillment, or even support. Unlike traditional CRM solutions, NetSuite CRM includes powerful order management, sales performance management, and partner management capabilities.

Intelligent delivery scheduling

NetSuite Furniture manufacturing software can help you gain valuable insights from data gathered across the organization in order to empower employees with dashboards and tools to increase productivity.

NetSuite’s reliable, proven, secure, and scalable SuiteCloud platform delivers the expanse and customization you need to meet your current and future needs.

NetSuite’s cloud-based financials/ERP and omnichannel commerce software suite is the best choice for furniture manufacturers wanting a complete business solution. Its comprehensive functionality, which includes CRM, HCM, and eCommerce, provides manufacturers with the ultimate furniture manufacturing ERP software needed to run a modern business.

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