How to Launch your own Magento 2 store

Launch your own Magento Store

To Download the latest Magento 2 from the Magento Ecommerce website.

Please refer the link:

Prerequisites for Magento 2 are as follows:

  • Apache 2.2 or 2.4
  • PHP 7.0.2, 5.6.x or 5.5.x (PHP 5.4 is not supported)
  • MySQL 5.6.x

Assuming you have the Apache, PHP and MySQL ready. And it matches the prerequisites mentioned above for e-commerce Magento shopping sites.

Let’s Start:

STEP 1: Extract the Magento 2 folder for Magento store and make it accessible through the web server. Recommended to put it in Html folder if its apache2.4 or you can create a virtual host and make Magento 2 accessible from anywhere .

STEP 2: Place the Magento 2 accessible URL in your web browser. Follow the Magento 2 installation instructions, suggested step by step that are displayed on your browser. Now, you will be able to successfully install a Store and an Admin panel of your Magento website.

WE RECOMMEND: During the installation Magento 2, check for few PHP and apache libs to be pre-installed before installing Magento 2. Make sure you have them ready, else you will not be able to proceed further with your installation.

Magento 2 setup will guide you through.

STEP 3: At the end of the installation Magento 2, Asks for magneto admin unique URL. Make sure you remember it or make a note of it before you proceed ahead along with the admin Username and Password.

Installing Magento 2 is one aspect but setting up a store for your product is entirely different. There are a couple of things that you need before you launch your online stores like Products, Categories, Store URL, Secure URL, Email Configurations, Contact Detail, Payment Gateway and Shipping method details. Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms.

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