ITAR compliance software for Defense and Arms Industry

ITAR compliance software

As a defense manufacture or supplier, it is extremely crucial to comply with various regulations set in place by the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls.  One of the key regulations that defense companies need to comply with, is International Traffic in Arms Regulations or ITAR. ITAR is a set of regulations pertinent to the export and import of defense articles, services, and technology. Keeping this in mind, it is also important that defense manufacturers adopt an ITAR compliance software.

We understand the importance of ITAR compliance

We understand ITAR no other partner. We can customize the ERP software into an ITAR compliance software for you. Over the years we have worked with stalwarts in the defense industry to make sure that proprietary equipment or technology belonging to the U.S. Military does not make its way into the hands of a foreign nationals.

We understand how confidential your data is, which is why we have a trustworthy team of developers that treat your data integrity and privacy as paramount.

Why you need an ITAR compliance Software

ITAR compliance software

ITAR compliance software

What an ITAR compliance software can do for you

So, let’s have a look at what an ITAR compliance software can do for you:

  1. End to end data encryption – An ITAR compliance software can be encrypted from end-to-end so that your work process and bill of materials are safely stored. This data encryption also protects your product related data so that the confidential data about raw materials and works operations cannot be seen by anyone outside USA.
  2. Approved or denied party checks- An ITAR compliance software can validate customers for you and make sure that shipments and sales orders only go to approved parties after ATF approvals. The software creates a database of denied or approved parties and ensures that only ATF approved customers orders are processed.
  3. Licensed customer application checks – An ITAR compliance software can help you to identify, escalate and resolve any customer licensing issues. The software monitors and reports the consumption of licenses by orders and manages license consumption. Since all crucial customer information is recorded in this software, it can use data to confirm sale orders if the customer licence is valid or expired.
  4. Management of regulated parts or products – An ITAR compliance software stores information about all defense manufactured products and indicates which regulation and regulatory body covers the part or material. Through a robust product configuration and multiple serial numbers, it also helps manage the classification or rating within that schema which applies to it.
  5. Management on the assembly level – If manufacturers are handling orders for assembly, an ITAR compliance software can easily record the parts within that assembly and the extent to which they are covered by different export regulations and commodity jurisdictions.
  6. Secure document storage – Many documents for control items have licenses can only be viewed by certain authorized personnel. An ITAR compliance software has an robust native document management functionality that is best suited to export control.
  7. Compliance with international requirements – Exporters often have operations in other countries, most of which have their own set of export controls regulations. An ITAR compliance software verifies the customer information before they are shipped to them.

How we can help

We at Bista understand the criticality of regulations and data in the defense and arms industry. With a fully integrated suite that allows D&A manufacturers and distributors to manage their supply chain, CRM, manufacturing, companies can easily comply with regulations and avoid any uncertainties.

With a unified ITAR compliant ERP system, we can help manufacturers and distributors create a streamlined approach, manage orders, checks against third-party lists, transactions and other activities.

If you would like to work with us to implement defense and arms ERP software for your business, please feel free to reach out to us on or at +1 (858) 401-2332.