List of Open Source ERP.

List of Open Source ERP

Here is the list of Open source Enterprise Resource Planning software, so again you have many Options to select but check out my previous blog for a successful selection. (Evaluation Criteria for Open Source Software)

I would be covering the summary of 5 ERP in each of my posting (everyday).

So here we go. . . . . .

Odoo (previously known as OpenERP) :

  • Odoo combines the power of HRMS, CRM, Inventory, Point of sales (POS), Retailing, Distribution, e-Commerce, Accounting, and Workflow systems.
  • Also it is inclusive of more than 800+ modules applicable for different industries and Firms, which provide you with better options and of course every module is Purely Open source with a good community backup.

OpenBravo :

  • Openbravo ERP is a Web based ERP for SME, built on proven MVC & MDD framework that facilitate its customization.
  • Already in Production, Openbravo ERP encompasses a broad range of functionalities such as Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing & much more.

PostBooks :

  • Free open source ERP, Accounting, and also it consists of a Customer Relationship Management package for small and medium enterprise. ERP client runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows (built with open source Qt framework).
  • Business logic resides in PostgreSQL database.

webERP :

  • Business Accounting ERP. Community continuing webERP. Multiple currency, warehouse, language. SO, AR, PO, AP, GL, Bank, Writer, Bill of Materials, assembly, kitset. Services and physical. Partial invoice/shipping, recurring order.
  • Elastic pricing. PDF. Fast PHP which is used on any browser.

Opentaps :

  • ERP and CRM suite, including ecommerce, inventory, warehouse, order, customer management, general ledger, MRP, POS.
  • Database independent service-oriented architecture (SOA)

In my coming post again I will cover 5 more ERP in the list. So do check out tomorrow.