Odoo 10 Expense Module

Odoo 10 Expense Module
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  • Dec 12, 2016
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In odoo v10 a different module for expenses has been introduced which has made the workflow much easier than ever before. This module aims to manage employee’s expenses. As a result of Odoo 10 Expense module a lot of time is saved in building the expense reports as everything can be found under a single roof.

Additional Features Odoo 10 Expense Module:

  • The Odoo 10 Expense module has many additional menus introduced in it to provide a better workflow such as

  1. Expenses to submit

  2. Refused expenses

  3. Reports to approve

  4. Expense reports to pay

  5. Expense reports to approve

  6. Expense to pay,Expense to post.

  • Whether it’s travel expenses, office supplies or any other employee expenditure we can access all receipts and expense submissions from the dashboard of expense module itself and we can even create, validate or refuse payments in just one click.

  • Expense reports: -We can submit our expenses in bulk to our manager using these expense reports.

  • Reimbursements: -Improved reimbursement mechanism with a one-time payment wizard.

  • Attachments: -We can easily attach photos of expenses and thereby could control on expense reports.

  • Email Gateway: -This is also a very important feature in odoo 10 expense module by which we can simply send a picture of our expense by email and odoo will automatically create an expense for us.

Odoo expense module workflow:

1.Record a new expense: Every employee of the company can register their expenses by navigating through

Expense Application -> Expenses to submit

For each and every expense the employee should have

  • Description:(Includes the reference of the bill/ticket)

  • Product:(type of expense)

  • Price:(e.g accommodation or a quantity as in to reimburse km if employee has travelled by his own car)

record a new expense odoo module

2.Approval by Manager : After creating a record the expense report is submitted to the manager and thereby they receive an email for every expense to be approved.The navigation to this menu is:

To Approve -> Expense Reports To Approve

This enables the manager to check all expenses that are waiting for approval.

approval by manager odoo module

3.Control by Accountant: The expenses which are approved by managers are posted by accountant following the creation of journal entries and it gets posted in your accounting.

4.Re-invoice Expenses: To Customers: If the expense is related to sale order (analytic account), the sale order has new line related to that expense.To invoice customer, we just need to click Invoice button on sale order.

re-invoice expences

5.Reimburse The Employee : If the employee has paid for his own expenses then the company needs to reimburse employee.All we need to do is just create a payment for the amount due to that employee.

the employee

Benefits of Odoo 10 Expense Module:

  • Saves time on expense reports: We do not need to download a specialized software to maintain records of expenses, everything can be done through one application.

  • Stop losing Receipts : To avoid loss of receipts employees can directly attach copies of their receipts to an expense record.

  • Manage expenses per team: As a manager, they can easily follow expense records across the whole team to keep an eye on costs and ensure budget and target.

We hope this snippet of odoo v10 expenses helps you to get some insights of odoo v10.Stay tuned for more information on odoo v10.

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