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We were all very excited to see Odoo 10 released this month and couldn’t wait to see what was new. After a quick review of the Release Notes at Odoo Release Notes, we decided to check out a few things for from our end.

New Apps in Odoo 10
New at Odoo version 10 are Studio, Attendances, Helpdesk, Maintenance – MRP, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Quality Control. There is also a new Android based Mobile App. A couple of Apps have been renamed (Sales Management and MRP).Here is a link if you want to know more on Odoo 10 MRP and PLM Odoo 10 MRP

Odoo 10 Studio

As someone who customizes Odoo, this App is very interesting to me. From the menu you want to change, you can quickly access the views, automations, reports, user security and data filtering rules.

The way the customization aspects are centralized and available without needing to modify XML will make customizing Odoo easier for non-Technical users and faster for Technical users.


The integration of Etherpad technology (hosted by Odoo) allows you to maintain Notes about each screen that gets modified – this will save digging through documents or PM systems to find out who did what and why!

Odoo 10 Attendances

The release notes mention the ability to setup Odoo in Kiosk Mode as a ‘check in’ screen for employees – much like a traditional timeclock or timecard scanner. You scan your badge (printable from Odoo) or select your name (optionally enter a PIN).

attendence checked

Odoo 10 Helpdesk

This is a full featured system that leverages many other components of Odoo like Live Chat, Forums, and Slide/Video sharing. It is for managing tickets that are emailed, sent via a webform, captured via API or entered by employees.

It includes the concept of teams, SLA’s, ratings (feedback from Customers), and self service resources/elearning. Tickets can be assigned manually, randomly or balanced based on workload.

The App integrates with the website where your Customers can submit and view tickets and reporting that indicates your compliance with your SLA’s.


Odoo 10 Maintenance – MRP

This App manages requested or scheduled maintenance (regular or based on KPI’s) on equipment that you enter into Odoo. It would work well for IT hardware or shop floor machinery and tools. You can see requests and scheduled maintenance on a Calendar and plan accordingly. Maintenance can be assigned to internal teams or subcontracted and managed much like tasks (drag through different stages of completion).crosscut

Odoo 10 Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM extended the Manufacturing capabilities of Odoo by supporting Engineering Change Orders to revise Bills of Materials and/or Routings for products. Odoo 10 keeps track of what you add and remove at each revision and makes it easier to attach Engineering drawings and documents.


Odoo 10 Quality Control

The ability to QA/QC at various points in your picking workflows (incoming, internal movement, outgoing) will benefit a lot of Customers. You can require random, periodic (every X days) or complete tests that are either pass/fail or measurement within limits. You can assign this work to Teams and Individuals so they can perform checks, attach documents or photos, email others, etc.

Odoo 10 Accounting

The Aging reports are now expandable by Customer or Vendor, showing summary and detail information on the same report – exportable to XLSX (instead of only XLS).


Odoo 10 Integration (Odoo TaxCloud integration)

Newly integrated with Odoo at version 10 is TaxCloud. This is a great addition to the existing Avalara integration – providing another option for US Customers.

Odoo 10 is also integrated with Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging that allows Odoo 10 to notify users via web or mobile devices. I haven’t looked at this yet.

The new Apps are great – very tightly integrated with the rest of Odoo as you would expect. The speed has improved and the design of the screens have benefited from a slight refresh.

Odoo 10Speed

I noticed Odoo 10 was faster when moving around from place to place. It just took less time for the screen to refresh. The release notes state reports will be 2 to 5 times faster to generate.

Odoo 10 for Developers

I love the new XML renderer that color codes and autocompletes XML tags when editing views:


I already upgraded three modules to v10 from v9 – it didn’t take more than 15 minutes for each one – and the main work was the metadata. As long as you have migrated to the new API at version 8 or 9 you should find simple modules ‘just work’. Here is a easy installation guide for Odoo 10 Odoo 10 Installation guide.

We hope this snippet of on Odoo 10 MRP and PLM helps you to get some insights on the very new Odoo 10. Stay tuned for more information on Odoo 10 .

Please feel free to reach us at sales@bistasolutions.com for any queries on Odoo and its related modules. Also you can write to us through feedback@bistasolutions.com and tell us how this information has helped you.