Odoo 10 Quality Control Features

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Odoo 10 quality control

The Odoo 10 quality control feature typically acts like a template for performing certain quality checks on some parameters in the system. The  Odoo 10  quality control is an enterprise feature in Odoo 10. The most important feature of Odoo 10 Quality control is that it is well integrated with the manufacturing module as a result of which your manufacturing processes become even more smooth. The ability to QA/QC at various points in your picking workflows (incoming, internal movement, outgoing) will benefit a lot of Customers. You can require random, periodic (every X days) or complete tests that are either pass/fail or measurement within limits. You can assign this work to Teams and Individuals so they can perform checks, attach documents or photos, email others, etc.

There are mainly 3 defining points in Quality Control application in Odoo 10:

1. Control Points

2. Quality Checks

3. Quality Alerts

1. Quality Control Point

Control points in Odoo 10 – Automatically trigger quality checks at receptions, manufacturing operations or packing/delivery operations. This feature helps to define control points on various operations (e.g receipts, delivery order etc.) and control points (regular, periodic etc.).

2. Quality Checks

Quality Checks in Odoo 10 – Deploy your statistical process control easily with quality checks. This feature helps to group various control points and make an entire QC process on a particular Warehouse.

3. Quality Alerts

Quality alerts-Organize the quality team’s work using the Kanban of quality alerts, fully integrated with emails. This feature helps to work centre operator to generate Quality Alert in case of any unmatched requirements.

Benefit of Quality Control in Odoo 10:

  • As mentioned before the biggest plus point of Quality control in Odoo 10 is that it is well integrated with manufacturing and inventory

  • Odoo 10 quality control provides easy improvements’ follow up

  • Quality Control module also enables tracking of history

  • Tracking your quality control management’s result is also made simple in Odoo 10

  • Odoo 10 quality control enables efficient communication by sending alerts to workers.

Bista Solutions has also published a new Odoo v10 app – “Account Payment Balance”

For Odoo Version 10.0, this module shows the unapplied balance of Payments on the list and from view, with a filter to show payments with a positive unapplied balance. To download this module click here https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/10.0/account_payment_balance/

We hope this snippet of on Odoo 10 Quality Control helps you to get some insights on the very new Odoo 10. Stay tuned for more information on Odoo 10.

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