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Odoo 15
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Odoo 15

As we all know Odoo is an all-in-one business solution when it comes to handling your Business, Shops, Restaurant, Accounting, Sales and much more. It has an intelligible, user-friendly interface that can be used on various devices. The best part about Odoo is it keeps on updating itself, making it much more interactive and user friendly to its end user. Odoo has come up with new update Odoo 15.

let’s see what awaits us there.

Odoo Chat / Discuss

Odoo 15 has come up with some of the user-friendly features in the Odoo Discuss app such as users can create new channels, add multiple members, and have a group discussion over projects.

Let’s not forget about the external group chat where users can chat with the customer and the organization other than their own in the Discuss app itself.

There is this Up Arrow available in Odoo chat where if the users send some message with typos then they can quickly click upon that up arrow and correct the typos saving some embarrassment.

With a conference call feature available, you can have a voice or video call, share a screen, and can have a detailed discussion with the team.

From the Discuss app users can also send the invite link to the external user if they want a specific user. For instance, a specific client to join the meeting.

Odoo V15 also provides emoji reactions to messages and users can use gifs images as well, making Odoo Discuss app much more interactive to users.

Odoo V15 Features

Use Ctrl + k to make Odoo simpler 

Odoo 15 provides search shortcuts. For example, with the ctrl + k command users can: 

Access any menu pages by clicking ctrl + k then typing  /menu_name.

Directly open a chat box with another user using ctrl + k then type @user_name. 

Use ctrl + k then type  #channel_name to open the specific channel.

Mass Editing in Odoo Quotations

Odoo 15 allows collaborative editing in the document where more than one user can make changes in the same quotations at the same time. 

For instance, if one user is adding products to the quotation in the meantime another user can update the terms and conditions on the same quotation resulting in saving a lot of productive hours.

Also by using the / command user can access various text formatting options in the editor.

Odoo Planning

In Odoo Planning users can track the workload of their resources just by hovering over their name where the user can see the hours available and hours reserved for the specific resources.

With the new magnifier icon, users can directly select the task, and based on the work schedule task will be automatically assigned to the resource.

Odoo Project

From the Project Application itself you can have video conferencing and if needed share a screen with the project team for a quick discussion.

Odoo 15 has introduced the project task dependencies on the Gantt chart where if any dependency arrow is in yellow or red it is considered as a critical path. This means that there are conflicts in some tasks.

In the instance mentioned above, Odoo automatically allows the computation of a critical path by clicking the small arrow icon provided in the path where the user can resolve the conflict hassle-free.

With the on-track button in the Odoo project, users can track the status of the project and create the project milestone which makes the tracking of the project much easier.

Odoo 15 allows the user to create a detailed status report of the project.

Once the project invoice is sent to the customer via sales order the timesheet of the project gets automatically attached to the invoice making everything in one place for the client.

Odoo Website

Odoo 15 comes with an Artificial Intelligence design for website templates. This is 35% faster than the Odoo 14 website. 

Users have to just select the objective and domain of their website, then select the color palette, required features and that’s it. Within a click Odoo will build the whole website for the user.

For color palettes, users even have an option to upload an image or company logo and Odoo will extract the color from the uploaded image.

Users can add shapes to the website image.

Gradient options are available for buttons and text, even the gradient editor is available for the users.

Users can add animation to their text, images, and shapes.

Odoo eCommerce

Many upgrades have been made to the Odoo Shop website. For example, you can filter the products based on the price.

A global search option for your product is available.

Users can emphasize certain products by adding a customizable ribbon.

In Odoo 15 the Product page has been redesigned to make it more user-friendly, clean, and informative at the same time.

With the spit variant and attributes section added, the page has been made more informative.

With the visibility feature, certain content can be made user-targeted. For instance, if the user wants to provide a discount on the product to the USA-based customer then the user can switch the visibility of the discount template to the USA region.

Users can customize the flow, add a gift card option, and can also integrate the e-commerce shop with their Point Of Sale.

Every feature required for running the successful website is already available on the Odoo 15 Website, still, if the user requires some additional features, Odoo 15 allows embedding it.

Odoo Email Marketing

A new mail composer has been introduced in email marketing which consists of all the relevant features available in the website builder.

With the A/B Testing feature, users can create different variations of mails and send them to different mailing lists, and select the winner based on the click rate, reply rate, or any other provided criteria.

Odoo Point of Sale

In Odoo 15 every transaction, in point of sale right from the opening session can be executed from the frontend, the user doesn’t have to jumble between front-end and back-end.

Every product in point of sale has an ‘i’ icon, clicking that opens an info box where all the details of the product are available. Users can easily select the required product attribute from there.

With the multi-pricelist option, available users can provide different price lists to different customers.

Users also have the product configurator on their POS screen so the user can configure the product then and there without having to jump into the product configurator screen.

With the Discount button on the POS screen, users can provide a global discount during the product’s transaction.

The best part is POS is integrated with all the required hardware devices without having to use an IoT box.

During payment, if the customer is paying by cash automatic cash rounding is done based on their currency.

Users can use the Ship Later button which indicates the delivery order for the product is created and the product will be delivered to the customer’s location from the warehouse.

Then there is the Cash In / Cash Out feature, suppose the user has used their personal cash then they can click on the Cash In button and add the amount which will generate the receipt as proof, then in future, the user can claim that cash from the organization.

Then we have a customer credit section if we trigger the Customers button where users can see the credit amount that customer owes the company. Users can also reprint the old invoice for reference. Customers can also pay the outstanding amount on receivables since POS is fully integrated with all the payment terms.

Since POS is fully integrated with the backend, If the user creates the quotation order for a product and confirms it. Then, from the POS screen, the user can claim a down payment for the product from the customer.

Once the order is delivered to the customer and the payment is done then the user can settle the order from the quotation screen available in POS.

If the customer has some discount coupon then Odoo POS allows the customer to use it. The user has to just click on the Enter Code button in POS and add the coupon code to provide a discount to the customer. Very simple, right?

Once the user is done for the day they can end the session and print a summary showing the whole transactions of the day.

Odoo 15 also has new inventory labels in Point of Sale.

Odoo Barcode

In Odoo 15 Barcode, with an easy receipt finder, users just have to scan the product barcode from the receipt page, and the Odoo will automatically filter out the receipt containing the scanned product.

Odoo allows the user to create a new batch for the scanned product in case the user has multiple products from the same vendor allowing the user to create the multiple order receipt.

Odoo has also introduced the reception report with customer labels so that the user knows if the product is reserved for some customer.

Odoo 15 allows the user to scan the boxes or containers. Users can either scan the boxes or manually enter the number of boxes on the screen. Odoo also provides the barcode to identify the boxes or the container and also supports SSCC codes. 

Odoo 15 enables QR code scanning and supports GS1 so just by scanning the GS1 code users will have all the details of the product.

Odoo Inventory

The inventory team can get the notification whenever the goods are available in the warehouse.

Just by scanning the container code, Odoo will tell the user which location a specific container should be stored based on the putaway strategy the user has defined.

Odoo 15 has come up with very simplified inventory adjustments such as, once the product is stored in the proper location, it allows the inventory team to launch a cycle count either manually or automate it based on the rules set in the inventory locations.

Then we have 3 reservation methods in Odoo operations which are:

  • At Confirmation: here, once the sale order is confirmed the required product quantity automatically gets reserved 
  • Manually: here, the product doesn’t get reserved on sale order confirmation so the inventory manager will have to manually do it.
  • Before Schedule Date: here, the user will have to add the days before they want the product to be reserved.

Odoo 15 has also come up with a Wave Picking feature.

There is a Batch Reservation feature in which the inventory manager can select different picking and assign the person responsible for the specific picking.

Odoo Document

In Odoo 15 users can split or merge the Odoo documents. If users have receipts or bills they can move it to finance from documents.

Users can filter out the documents and send it to a different department from the documents application.

With AI implemented in customer invoice, the user doesn’t have to add all parameters manually.

Odoo Accounting

In Odoo 15 with advanced AI implementation vendor bills will automatically match with its related purchase order.

Users can add the fleet information in their vendor bills since Odoo accounting and fleet are fully integrated with each other.

Users can also create the different disallowed expenses categories in the accounting.

Odoo 15 supports OSS which regardless of which country the user selects based on the selected country the taxes will be applied. 

The best thing about Odoo 15 accounting is it supports multiple taxes for a single customer.

More banks have been integrated with Odoo 15, in total around 25000 banks have been integrated with Odoo.

Odoo15 has Advance Payment Tolerance methods that allow automatic reconciliation of bank transactions.

In tax reports, Odoo supports multiple tax statements and users can filter out the report based on the OSS.

Also, Odoo allows you to create a provisional account for all the unbilled records at once.

Odoo ERP | Bista Solutions

Hopefully, this blog gives you a better understanding of Odoo 15.

It is worth noting that the default Odoo 15 modules can be customized to suit the requirements of different industries.

If you want to know how to customize Odoo 15 for your business, you can contact an experienced Odoo implementation partner like Bista Solutions who can customize the modules as per your business requirement. The Bista team is an Odoo Gold Partner, has implemented 250+ successful Odoo projects and has been awarded Odoo Best Partner across North America for its fourth time this year. 

If you need any assistance or have questions regarding Odoo 15 (upgrading or implementing it) schedule a free consultation with us using this contact form.