Odoo Amazon Connector

Odoo-Amazon Connector is an important connector which is majorly used for eCommerce merchandise and helps the online businesses through Amazon.com web stores. The main functionality of this Odoo-Amazon Connector is to configure the amazon credentials in Odoo and then you can see allow import of all Amazon sale orders , Amazon product listing, Amazon customer listing and many more things.

Bista Solutions has successfully integrated Odoo with Amazon stores and provide the customization according to the customer requirements.In this article, we would like to demonstrate to our viewers what are the basic configurations that have configured for this Odoo-Amazon connector.

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We hope this quick walk through the Amazon-Odoo Connector demonstration for the importing the Amazon Sale Orders as Quotation in Odoo helps you all work with it as well.We will soon come up with more interesting and informative tutorials on

  • Odoo-ebay connector

  • Odoo-Magento connector

  • Odoo-Integration with various shipping Services and much more

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