Odoo and Bill.com Integration for end-to-end payments processing

odoo & bill.com integration

Accounting and invoicing are an integral part of a business’ financial needs. Imprecise invoicing can cost companies millions of dollars. This is why, most fast-growing businesses today realize the value of a robust software that allows them to fulfill their invoicing needs. Bringing together ERP systems like Odoo and billing systems like bill.com can help boost productivity and ease billing processes manifold. Our Odoo and bill.com integration provides an end-to-end invoicing solution.

Bill.com is a provider of a cloud system that can automate financial operations for many small and midsize businesses. Some of our customers were using bill.com as a platform to connect their business with suppliers and clients and manage cash inflows and outflows.

We at Bista Solutions, have developed an integration to seamlessly integrate your Odoo ERP with the bill.com platform. Our Odoo and bill.com integration offers the combined power of Odoo ERP and bill.com to bring forth a robust and secure invoicing solution. With this integration, businesses can leverage integrated ways to manage all their billing needs.

Watch Odoo & Bill.com Integration Demo

How can the integration help?

With our integration you can easily manage end-to-end financial workflows and to process payments. Here’s how our Odoo and Bill.com integration can help your business:

  1. Strengthen your accounting – Our Bill.com and Odoo integration can strengthen your business’ accounts department and finance system to seamlessly export and import bills and vendor information from Bill.com.
  2. Update vendor information from Odoo – Users can easily update vendor information to Odoo ERP and it will get updated to Bill.com on run-time.
  3. End-to-end payments automation – Easily fetch billing information from Bill.com and schedule bills for payments.

How does it work?

Our integration follows a quick and simple process to help you navigate bills between Odoo and Bill.com. Let’s have a look at the overall workflow of this integration.

  • Vendors are created in Odoo and then through a process, vendors are pushed to bill.com
  • Any changes on address get updated on run time
  • Bills are created in Odoo
  • PDF attachments are done in Odoo
  • Bills can be sent to bill.com individually or by selecting a group of invoices
  • Once you pull the payment information, the bills are marked as scheduled, that means they are not yet paid, but scheduled, based on the date set-up in bill.com for payment.
  • Once the payment in processed in bill.com that is when it’s fully paid and the vendor receives the money, that’s when the schedulers updates the scheduled bills as paid.

How can Bista help?

Over the years Bista has been helping clients across industries to automate their processes with powerful ERP systems. We follow an agile way of working and strive to deliver integrated services to all our customers. Our Odoo and Bill.com connector aims to simplify payments processes for your organization. We can help you implement this module and also customize it as per your unique needs.

If you are looking for unique solutions to your accounting needs, reach out to us and we will give you a free 30 minute consultation session.