Odoo and Bill.com Integration for end-to-end payments processing

odoo & bill.com integration

Transformative Impact of Odoo Bill.com Integration on Financial Operations

As businesses strive for more effective financial management and payment procedures, Odoo Bill.com Integration appears as a viable option. Bill.com, a leading cloud-based financial technology platform, provides a full array of vendor management, bill processing, and payment automation services. When integrated with Odoo ERP, it can help you in harnessing the full potential of both platforms to optimize your financial processes. Businesses can establish a centralized and synchronized approach to finance management by effortlessly synchronizing data and workflows across both platforms.

Advantages of Odoo Bill.com Integration in a Nutshell

  • Seamless transfer of invoices from Odoo to Bill.com for approval, payment, and routing
  • Synchronization of vendor data between Odoo and Bill.com
  • Updated vendor details and contacts in one system reflected in the other
  • Simplified vendor management processes and data consistency
  • Seamless transfer and synchronization of financial documents between Odoo and Bill.com
  • Streamlined document approval workflows and improved collaboration
  • Access to relevant financial information from both systems
  • Extraction of financial data from Odoo and Bill.com for comprehensive reporting and analysis
  • A holistic view of financial performance, cash flow, and vendor payment status
  • Improved decision-making and financial management
  • Elimination of manual data entry and increased overall efficiency
  • Reduction of administrative burdens and time savings
  • Real-time synchronization of invoice payment status
  • An accurate view of outstanding payments and improved cash flow management

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Key Features of Our Powerful  Odoo Bill.com Integration Solution 

Bill.com Security Access 

  • As a user with access to the Bill.com group, you can perform Bill.com features within Odoo.

Odoo Bill.com integration

Bill.com Configuration

  • You can configure your Bill.com credentials in Odoo by providing your username, password, organization ID, and developer key.

Odoo Bill.com integration
Vendor Management

  • Export vendor information from Odoo to Bill.com to keep vendors synced between the two systems.
  • Any changes made to vendor information in Bill.com will be automatically imported into Odoo.
  • You can manage vendor syncing manually or set up a scheduler for automatic syncing.

Odoo Bill.com integration

Vendor Bank Account Management 

  • Centralize and manage vendor bank account details within the integration for efficient vendor payment setup.
  • Ensure secure handling of vendor bank account information, maintaining data confidentiality.
  • Improve payment accuracy by managing vendor bank account details within the integration.
  • Seamlessly execute payments directly from the integrated system using verified vendor bank account information.

Odoo Bill.com Integration

Chart of Account (COA) Mapping

  • Ensure consistency in financial data by mapping the Chart of Accounts in Bill.com with the COA in Odoo.
  • Synced bills in Odoo will display the associated Bill.com ID.

Odoo Bill.com Integration


Bills Export and Import

  • Easily create vendor bills in Odoo and send them to Bill.com for processing (export).
  • Import vendor bills from Bill.com into Odoo for record-keeping (import).
  • The invoice information, including Chart of Account details, will be sent to Bill.com for synced bills.

Odoo Bill.com Integration

Bill Attachment Export 

  • Transfer bill attachments seamlessly between Bill.com and Odoo.
  • Ensure accurate synchronization of supporting documents for bills between Bill.com and Odoo.
  • Conveniently review and approve bills in either Bill.com or Odoo.
  • Promote efficient collaboration and document retrieval with centralized document management.

Odoo Bill.com Integration

ACH Journals Set up

  • Configure different journals in Odoo based on your bank accounts set up in Bill.com.
  • Assign bank account details such as account number, routing number, bank name, and Bill.com ID to your journals.

Odoo Bill.com Integration

Multiple Payment Methods

  • Take advantage of various payment methods supported by Bill.com, such as check, RPPS, PayPal, credit card, ACH, etc.
  • Configure payment methods in Odoo and associate them with specific journals.

Odoo Bill.com Integration

Convenient Payments Import

  • Import payments from Bill.com into Odoo and link them correctly with corresponding bills.
  • You can manually import payments or set up a scheduler for automatic imports.
  • Capture Bill.com Payment ID and Payment Status in Odoo for better tracking.

Odoo Bill.com Integration

Efficient Batch Payment

  • Import fund transfer reports from Bill.com and create batches in Odoo for efficient payment processing.
  • You have the flexibility to import batches manually or set up a scheduler for automatic imports.
  • Make sure to enable the “Create Bill.com Payments Batch” setting in Odoo’s Accounting configuration.

Odoo Bill.com Integration

Automated Schedulers

  • Take advantage of automated schedulers to import Bill.com data into Odoo seamlessly.
  • Schedulers include Vendor Sync, Bills Import, Payments Import, and Fund Transfer.
  • Scheduled imports ensure timely syncing of data between the two systems.

Odoo Bill.com Integration

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