Odoo and SureTax Integration

Taxes are an integral part of a business’ finance and compliance needs. Imprecise taxing can cost companies millions of dollars. This is why, most fast-growing businesses today realise the value of a robust software that allows them to fulfill their taxing needs. Bringing together ERP systems like Odoo and tax compliance systems like SureTax can help boost productivity and ease taxing processes manifold. Odoo and SureTax integration is provides end-to-end tax solution.

The SureTax platform delivers the tax solutions and through one platform with a seamless workflow. Equipped with various modules for different needs, SureTax is a tool that manages and maintains all your tax requirements. While Odoo allows you automate your business processes, CCH SureTax acts as the sales tax software that provides end-to-end sales and use tax automation. Industries like construction, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, professional services, food & beverage, eCommerce, and telecommunications – are the key industries that need strong systems and integrations that can help them reduce the risk from tax audits and lower their tax liabilities.

We at Bista Solutions, have developed a module to seamlessly integrate your Odoo ERP with the Suretax platform. Our Odoo and SureTax integration offers the combined power of Odoo ERP and CCH SureTax to bring forth an end-to-end sales tax solution. With this platform businesses can leverage integrated tools to for all their sales tax compliance needs.


How can the Odoo and SureTax integration help?

Integrating Odoo and SureTax can help you link your ERP to your taxing system and automate your tax calculations. You can reduce manual effort by automating tax return filling and easily send tax data from Odoo ERP to SureTax.

Here’s what our Odoo and SureTax integration can do for you:

  1. Strengthen finance system – The CCH’s SureTax and Odoo integration can strengthen the business’ accounts department and finance system to seamlessly apply rules and tax data.
  2. Transmit tax information from Odoo – Finance teams can easily transmit tax results to Odoo ERP with accounts payable and receivable projects, general ledger and quote-to-sale-to-cash systems.
  3. End-to-end sales tax solution – It can help businesses calculate, determine rates, and file sales tax returns. Be it sales orders, invoices, sales quotes, accounts payable, or return orders, Odoo and SureTax integration can automate tax calculations for all your major workflows.


SureTax modules and how we can integrate them with Odoo

The depth and breadth of CCH SureTax’s data content makes it a preferred solution for organizations doing business in industries with complex indirect tax requirements. Integrating Odoo ERP with SureTax modules can help these industries fulfill their intricate tax liabilities. Here are the key modules our integration supports:

CCH SureTax Calculation – We can integrate this feature of SureTax so that you can easily

calculate sales and use tax for your transactions. The jurisdictions for this calculation range across US and Canada. Configurable to support complicated scenarios, tax requirements and tax holidays with ease.

CCH SureTax Rates & Rules– The Odoo and SureTax integration also enables you to determine rules, tax rates, and jurisdictional boundaries. Using robust sales tax data from Wolters Kluwer researches, you can easily calculate tax calculations.

CCH SureTax Returns – This module allows you to meet sales tax compliance obligations accurately and efficiently according to your monthly sales and calendar. With our Odoo integration with this module, you can easily automate your monthly return filling process. Businesses can select the date they want tax returns to be filed electronically and Odoo and SureTax will automatically do it for you.

If you are looking for unique solutions to your finance needs reach out to us and we will give you a free consultation session suggesting how you can best digitize your business needs.