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Odoo Document Management system


There are many departments within your company that rely on documentation. Some of which include, Sales, Accounting, HR & Onboarding, Procurement, Finance, and more. 

In business, document management is crucial due to the nature of the content. From client information and vendor information to employee and company information – business documents can contain confidential data. This sensitive information can easily fall into the wrong hands and be misused unless it is managed properly.

Maybe your company doesn’t have many documents to keep track of. Or maybe you do, but it’s been managed and filed correctly. However, it is important to note that as the company grows – so does the paper load. 

But are you accounting for natural disasters? For theft? For random, one-offs? Anything can happen. There are a plethora of setbacks when using this method of storage, such as; lack of security, back-up issues, difficult to track version history, time-consuming to search for key details and share information, and so forth. 

Where and how you store those papers is already important, but not being able to account for external sources of harm can cause stress and paranoia. Especially after the damage is done. 

Due to the digital age, paper document management is better off online. In fact, digital documentation is preferred due to the fact that there are numerous, more manageable ways to store, secure and manage it. It allows for easy collaboration, ease of organization, and it also saves your money in the long-run (i.e. no more printing paper, wasting ink and using up energy).

Let’s not beat around the brush when it comes to the digital downfalls. This blog is meant to give it to you straight. Yes, there are some issues with digital documentation. Some of which include security (i.e. breaches), the initial set-up cost, software maintenance, version compatibility, etc. 

However, we are here to provide you with the solution: Odoo ERP -which gives you the best Document Management module that can directly increase the productivity of your business at an affordable cost.

The following are some of the Features of Odoo Document Management ERP

High-level Document Security

Document security is a high level responsibility of an organization or company. As mentioned earlier, those papers can hold confidential information that should not be easily accessible to the masses or competitors. Odoo Document Management module easily handles. The document(s) in question can be protected with access permission and password security. You can also give the expiry time for the access. Since all of Odoo modules are integrated you can access the document in other modules as well. The cloud-based storage allows for automatic backups. This means that even if you have accidentally deleted a document or file, it can be restored with ease. In fact, with this module, your document can be securely accessed from anywhere and at any time.

Irreproachable Integration Amplifies Efficiency

This integrated system facilitates the smooth flow of the administrative processes. Odoo ERP automates many functionalities of varying modules that are correlated with one another. In fact, Odoo Document Management module eliminates all the flaws from your document and arrives to the receiver who has access to it. The chatter functionality along with the selected document can simplify the communication and discussion on that document. You are allowed to share the document with the person who is outside the workspace. 

Email Gateways can generate bills automatically from vendor’s emails or scanned documents. Accountants will also be able to see documents in their inboxes. In one click the document can be converted into a bill. With advanced artificial intelligence, the fields will be automatically filled as per bills and invoices – the accountant simply needs to validate by clicking on the ‘Validate’ button.

Employee’s Productivity Increases with the Help of Easy Functionalities

Once you have created or copied a document in your module, you become the owner of that document. You also have the ability to change the owner of it. This ability extends to multiple files as well (i.e. you can select multiple files and change the owner of all selected files at a time). Some of the functionalities are further explained below:

  • Edit Functionality

Any document you have already uploaded or created in the module can be edited within it. There is no need to download the file.

  • Split Functionality

The Special functionality for document splitting. When you scan a lot of pages you will no longer have to save them manually, one by one. Upon scanning, all pages are saved in one document. If needed, you can split the document by groups or by page. Split pages or groups will be automatically converted into separate files.

  • Lock Functionality

The ‘lock’ functionality in this module is useful to avoid the confusion that is often the result of more than one person working on the same document. If someone is working on a particular document, they can click on a lock button. This way, if some other person comes across the same document with the lock icon, they would see that someone is already working on this document. At this point, the new individual can still choose to work on the same document or start working on a new one.

  • Archive Functionality

You can archive the document file as well as unachieved it whenever needed. You are also allowed to delete the archived file when it no longer serves you.

  • Tagging Functionality

Tagging functionality can be used for the classification of files, for example, if you want to update the status of your file, then you can create a tag for the same and select the status from the option.

  • Replace Functionality

The user is allowed to replace the updated document, keeping with previous tags. Also, users can track and retrieve the previous version of the document.

Odoo ERP & Bista Solutions

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