Odoo eCommerce + Website = Powerhouse Combination

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If you’re looking for a management tool for your growing online business, Odoo eCommerce is a powerful choice. Odoo offers you the ability to easily build and add products to your website. Additionally, it integrates with the rest of the Odoo ERP platform, so that you can have proper payment integration, shipping integration, and more.

In this post, we’ll talk about:

  1. Odoo website creation
  2. Odoo product creation
  3. Multi-website management, and other Odoo 12 benefits
  4. eCommerce connectors (Amazon, Magento, etc.) & customization

Starting Your Odoo Website for eCommerce

odoo website module

The Odoo Website module makes it easy to create and manage your website. Odoo website builder uses a drag and drop interface, but with beautiful templates for modern eCommerce stores. You can start either with a blank template or one of the preset templates, and then build your website from there. Simply select the different blocks on the left, such as headers, images, text, and so on, and drag and drop on the page to modify.

odoo ecommerce website builder

The Odoo Website module also comes with inbuilt analytics, so you can see the important KPIs that matter to you. With a click of a button, you can add a blog, a contact form, and more. The great thing about Odoo eCommerce is that all this functionality is embedded within your whole ERP system. For example, your contact form is integrated with your CRM (assuming you have the CRM module) and directly sends leads there for you to act on.

Adding Products to Your Odoo eCommerce Store

Once your website has been created, you’re now ready to build your Odoo eCommerce store. Click on Products on the top navigation bar to start adding items.

While creating a product, you have many configuration options, such as changing the product name, the price, the product type/category, and the product barcode #.

odoo ecommerce product creation

You can also add variants (e.g. colors and sizes), and different types of discounts. For inventory purposes, you can easily change the inventory on hand, and track the location of your stock. You can allow users to sign up for logins (B2C), or send login invites to them (B2B).

Because of the different payment and shipping integrations that come with Odoo, customers can use a variety of different methods to pay (Paypal, Stripe, credit card, wire transfer, etc.) and have it shipped to them based on what is fastest/cheapest.

Updates with Odoo 12

Odoo 12 is Odoo’s latest version (see a full list of features here) and has a number of important upgrades to the Odoo Website module.

  • Multi-Website, single ERP

One of the changes especially important for Odoo eCommerce users is that it now allows for multi-website management.

Say you have multiple brands of products or multiple product sets, and you want to have different websites for each. Odoo 12 allows you to create and manage each of these websites through your one ERP system. You can have different products, themes, etc. for each website, but each is connected to your ERP and therefore to your inventory, your shipping, sales, and so on.

  • IP Tracking

Another Odoo 12 benefit for B2B companies is its IP-based lead generation feature, which tracks the IP addresses of all of your visitors on your website, and allows you to set rules, such as industry, employee position, etc. It then matches the IP addresses of your visitors to specific businesses, and returns back contact information of employees at those businesses.

  • Pre-Built Shipping Integrations

Finally, Odoo 12 offers a huge number of shipping carrier integrations for you to use. This latest version includes all the major carriers on the left but has expanded to include all of those on the right as well:

odoo ecommerce shipping connectors odoo version 12 2


eCommerce Connectors & Additional Customization

So far we’ve talked about Odoo eCommerce and its native eCommerce capabilities, but what if you want to sell your products on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay? Alternatively, what if you have a Magento or Shopify store and just want to integrate that with Odoo ERP?

At Bista Solutions, we offer different connectors for stores/marketplaces such as:

So whatever combination of stores/marketplaces you have, you can have all of them integrated on your one ERP system, with functional sales order generation, inventory management, shipping, and so on.

If you’re looking for an eCommerce connector, Odoo eCommerce assistance, or additional customization, feel free to get in touch! Bista Solutions is an Odoo Gold-level partner and was recently awarded Best Odoo Partner for North America in 2018. We have over a decade of experience implementing Odoo solutions, and can help you with your eCommerce store. Give us a call at  +1 (858) 401 2332 or use our contact form here.