Odoo Engineering To Order ERP

Odoo Engineering to order ERP

Odoo ERP for Engineering to Order (ETO) Industries

Companies within the engineering to order (ETO) industries face several additional challenges compared to others. This is mainly due to the fact that companies within this vertical often follow a unique sequence to completion that is specific to the product they are manufacturing. When things are this precise, every stage of the cycle matters. Especially to achieve the desired results. It is worth noting, however, the stages that may cause the most issues are: Product Configurable, Raw Material Management, Project Management, Due-dates, Payments, Warranties, Product Rework, Repairs, Customer Management and Customer Satisfaction. In order to account for such problems, ETO companies should have a contingency in place – namely one known as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. This system should be able to grease the processes, allowing smooth movement from Product Configuration all the way to the end; including, Product Sale, Product Dispatch, Product Repair, as well as Warranties. There are certain ERP’s which are build and customized for ETO industries. One of those ERP’s is Odoo Engineering To Order ERP.

Engineering to Order ERP

A great business management system that is suited for the likes is Odoo ERP. Odoo, also known as On-Demand Open Object, is an enterprise resource planning that combines a suite of business management software tools that can be used company-wide. 

Listed below are the features that we provide to our Odoo ETO ERP:

Project Budgeting & Costing Time || Seamless Process

Project Costing, aka Project Cost Management, is the process by which one can plan and manage the budget of a business or project. Simply put, it’s there to avoid going over-budget, as well as to simplify comparison between that planned costs and the actual expenses. 

This module is both important and often the most exercised part of project management. Since the ETO companies have to manufacture projects uniquely (i.e. with a new design and such), the costs will vary with respect to the type and design of said product. As such, the company should have an accurate costing module to navigate the precise product cost. 

To find the manufacturing cost of the product all the verticals of the manufacturing process will be taken into consideration. Fortunately, Odoo is an integrated ERP that maintains data of all modules and can give you the correct findings. In fact, Odoo has different integrated modules that hold the record of the raw material, estimated labor hours, transportation costs and much more are maintained, making it easier to get precise product costs. 

Needless to say, Odoo’s Budgeting and Costing Module is a strong addition to the Odoo Engineering to order ERP.

BOM (Bill of Material) || Lower Time Consumption

Bill Of Materials is the most important aspect while planning the manufacturing cycle of any product. Every product that has to be manufactured by ETO companies requires a different list of necessary raw materials. The specific use of BOM is to associate each required part per material to the specific operation included in the manufacturing process.

Odoo’s Manufacturing Module provides the featured functionality for making a BOM with an accurate material list. It shows organized records of multiple sub-assemblies, final assembly, raw materials and components. This means that with Odoo Engineering To Order ERP you can create the BOM quickly and without much hassle. 

Scheduled Reporting || Quickens Manufacturing Time

Scheduled Reporting improves time management, as it keeps you on top of things that need to be completed and reviewed. It will help you to prioritize tasks and processes and you can carry out them as per the project/product requirement. This directly reduces the lagging time while improving the manufacturing time. 

Scheduled Reporting makes you aware of priority tasks and allows you to meet their deadlines. Both employees and managers can find the lagging time and work on improving it, increasing the efficiency of the employees. Odoo’s Scheduled Reporting feature also includes the facility of directly sending alerts to the employees and HODs depending upon the due dates of the tasks on hand.

Inventory Management Module || Constant Updates

To accomplish the exact requirement of the product in the ETO companies its inventory should be well-equipped and the essential product should always be available. In an organization where every product differs, the required material(s) will be different and the inventory has to be managed accurately as well. 

Odoo’s Inventory Module has many features so that overstocking and understocking issues do not occur. This would also help companies better manage inventory planning and ordering. Good inventory management helps one fulfill all the requirements quickly and efficiently. This, in turn, allows for on-time project / Product Completion. With this, product delivery can be accomplished within the timeframe that was initially estimated, leading to a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Odoo Engineering To Order ERP & Bista Solutions

If you are within the ETO space and thinking about implementing or improving your current business management software solution, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Odoo ERP consultants. 

Bista Solutions is an Odoo Gold Partner and recently won the Odoo Best Partner award across North America 2021. This is our fourth win since our partnership with Odoo, with previous ones in 2018, 2016 and 2015. Additionally, we have nearly two decades of experience implementing ERP solutions across various industries. 

So you can rest assured, our team has the credentials necessary to optimize your company’s ETO sequence. We can even tailor the app to best fit your needs. If you would like more information or a free consultation / demo, connect with us via the Contact Form on our website, or give our ERP consultants a call at 1 (858) 401 2332.