Odoo Enterprise

Odoo is one of the best ERP solutions. It has ready-to-use modules and functionalities on hand, these ready applications can fulfill all of your business needs. Odoo is available for all industries from small to large scale & it offers both Odoo Enterprise & Odoo Community versions.

Odoo ERP has covered all verticals of businesses like the e-Commerce Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Healthcare industry, Arms Manufacturing Industry, Shipping Industry, and many more.

Odoo has launched two types of versions for its customers: Community Version and Enterprise Version. Both versions have their benefits in their way from the perspective of the company’s needs and company size.

Odoo Enterprise

There are some limitations with the community version such as

  • Mobile versions and Studio apps are not available.
  • Limited Hosting assistance
  • Limited version Upgrade.
  • Limited Functional support
  • Some of the modules and Updates are only available on the enterprise version, and there are limitations to using several features.

The Odoo Enterprise version is available and usable without such limitations. Let’s Get to know how the Odoo Enterprise Version is best in an aspect of different attributes.

The Enterprise version supports Odoo Studio features

Odoo Studio can design advanced functional features to match your business requirements and management operations.

Screen customizations

  • Enables to design of various modules without coding, which means the time required to design an app is lessened drastically.
  • With the help of Screen customization advanced forms, Lists, Pivot Tables, Calendars, and Kanban can be created easily.
  • Website forms are useful to create records directly into the database by fetching information while the user fills it.

Report Designer

  • Predefined Report templates are available which are ready to use, without much effort you can generate reports on your own.
  • Analytical and quantitative reports can be generated using XML editor so you can customize advanced style reports.
  • The language barrier will not be an issue for your business anymore, reports are automatically printed as per recipient language.

Features for automation

  • You can drag and drop desired menus in just a few clicks
  • Basic CRUD operations can be done in batches
  • Easy to update records by the import function as well as you can use your templates outside the environment using export functionality

App Creator

  • Special functionalities like E-mail Gateways, API access, customized Search facility are available, as well as you can apply for conditional access on particular fields.
  • Applications can be created with no coding. Once you have created your application Mobile and desktop application UI will automatically be created.
  • You can add customized fields and options as many as you want.
  • Multiple Hosting options are available

Odoo Enterprise version has different hosting options

Odoo Free Hosting

  • All Enterprise users get cost-free hosting from Odoo.
  • No need for technical expertise to handle this server.
  • Good for small-scale companies, as well can try before long term hosting contract.

On-premise server

  • You can use your internal server for hosting.
  • Company with sufficient resources can manage their server at a low cost.
  • Good for Medium and Large-scale companies.

Cloud Hosting

  • Hardware maintenance is the complete responsibility of the hosting company.
  • Multiple clouds hosting provider options are available, so you can choose the best suitable cloud hosting service provider for you.
  • You will get up-to-date hardware maintenance and advanced infrastructure for your service.
  • Suitable for Small-Medium-Large sized companies.

sh Hosting

  • sh is managed by Odoo SA which allows user to deploy their cloud platform.
  • It is immensely flexible at the same time extremely scalable which is suitable for small to large scale companies.
  • Auto server monitoring tool helps to auto-check hardware usage, server request frequencies, and many more things.
  • Automatic backups, that can be restored and downloaded at any time.

Free software Upgrades, Support, and Bug Fixes


  • Odoo assists with upgrades for an improved and faster version.
  • Up gradation charges are included in the license cost. No need to pay extra for upgrades
  • To switch to the new Upgraded version is completely a user choice. If the user is satisfied with the previous version, they can continue with it or choose for up-gradation to the new version.

Service for bug fixing

  • Odoo provides a bug fixing service for the enterprise version.
  • Customers can raise an unlimited number of support tickets that are completely free of charge.
  • Guidance for bug fixing for standard as well as for extra modules.
  • After the fixation of the bug, it gets approved by the requester by proper communication.

Service for security updates

  • Companies that use self-hosted servers get a complete description of the Bug, its cause, its possible impacts on the Customer’s systems, and the corresponding remedy for each Covered Version.
  • Fully Functional Modules with access to special features and apps.
  • Odoo Enterprise version covers all the modules you may get in the community version, along with special featured apps and functionalities that are available only with the enterprise version.

Fully featured Account Module

  • Enterprise version comes up with the fully functional Accounting module which has all the basic accounting functionalities like Payments, Invoicing, and Leisure maintenance
  • Along with Basic Accounting functionalities, special functionalities for extracting Financial reports, Accounting Reports, etc.
  • Budget Reports and Balance sheets facilitate you to profit and loss statements with fewer clicks.

Manufacturing Module

  • Allow user to make their production planning as per demand.
  • Enable to create Work Orders Enterprise edition while in the community edition you don’t have that option.
  • Reports for work order and equipment efficiency can be extracted easily.
  • You can add quality checks in your work orders as well as choose to show timer on the screen or not.

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