Streamlining business operations with Odoo Hubsoft integration

Odoo hubsoft integration

Most companies who are looking to implement ERP systems for business processes often already have the software to support orders, inventory, or customers.  Before getting their Odoo implementations, one of our clients, had a similar software called Hubsoft. Hubsoft is a tool built for companies to manage their sales representatives, orders, inventory availability, digital assets and customer relationship. So, while implementing Odoo, we wanted to make sure that the data transfer from Hubsoft to Odoo is seamless for our customer. We created a bi-directional Odoo Hubsoft connector between the two tools to enable easy data import and export to and from Odoo Hubsoft integration.

We made sure that the entire process leads to a seamless Odoo Hubsoft integration. We created this Odoo Hubsoft integration in a way that our client did not even have to step out of Odoo’s interface to get any information from Hubsoft.

Odoo hubsoft integration

So, what can this Odoo connector do?

Here are some features of the Odoo HubSoft Connector we created:

  • Imports Hubsoft customers along with store and buyer details to Odoo
  • Synchronizes products between Hubsoft and Odoo
  • Enables businesses to integrate their dealer sales pipelines with Odoo
  • Exports invoices from Odoo to Hubsoft in real time
  • Exports delivery orders from sales orders to Hubsoft in real time
  • Imports RMA from Hubsoft to Odoo
  • Updates RMA status from Odoo to Hubsoft in real time
  • Exports Refund/Credit Memo from Odoo to Hubsoft in real time
  • Updates ATS Inventory from Odoo to Hubsoft in real time
  • Updates WIP inventory based on Receipts from Odoo to Hubsoft

What are the configurations you can alter in Odoo Hubsoft integration?

Here are some configurations that you can enable in this Odoo Hubsoft connector:

  1. Exchanging data – If users want to import and export data automatically from Hubsoft to Odoo or vice versa they can set in the configuration settings and do this easily via scheduler.
  2. Sales channels – Our integration can allow users to select a sales channel which can be passed in sales orders.
  3. Customer information– The integration allows users to import or export their customers from Hubsoft to Odoo or the other way round. It also allows them to choose the timeline for the data transfer by giving them an option of transferring data till the current date.
  4. Automated data upgradation – As the user updates return orders, delivery, invoices, or other options in Odoo, our integration can sync these products between Odoo & Hubsoft. With this integration records will be updated automatically in Hubsoft as soon as they are performed in Odoo.
  5. Error log – In case any record fails to import or export, users can see all the errors which are logged into one screen.

What were the results?

Efficient management of purchase and procurement orders in Odoo: Using Odoo Hubsoft connector, Super73 can now manage sales orders, procurement, and purchase operations efficiently. Businesses can manage and track the stock for their products in Hubsoft or Odoo. Additionally, they can also run easy and advanced inventory operations with Odoo.

Maintain extensive customer database in Odoo: Our Odoo Hubsoft integration enables businesses to transfer customer records and other relevant details from Hubsoft to Odoo and maintain an extensive customer database.

Eliminate duplication of work: Since updates between Hubsoft and Odoo are synchronized, users can easily update data in one of the software and it will automatically get updated in the other. This helps avoid duplication of work, in turn saving the employee’s time.

Effective inventory management:  Odoo Hubsoft integration enables businesses to manage their inventory easily and efficiently. Businesses can track the inventory details like quantity and availability by using Odoo as their backend ERP.

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