Odoo Inventory management

Odoo inventory management

Odoo inventory management software uses cutting-edge automation and advanced routes to help you manage your warehouse. It increases internal visibility, as well as accessibility of information across all stakeholders of your business.

Acting as the ultimate online warehouse management software, it allows you maximize your warehouse efficiency and streamline your supply chain.

odoo inventory management


What it can do for you

Increase performance and process time: Odoo’s double-entry inventory has no output, stock input, or transformation. Instead all stock moves and operations move between locations. This way you can organize your warehouse with much more efficiency using the smart double entry inventory system.

Odoo inventory management also allows you to optimize the most efficient stocking method in order to improve all your internal operations.

Never run out of stock: With Odoo’s inventory management you can automate the entire process of Request for Quotations (RFQs) to strengthen you supply chain. Along with that you can also automate the process of replenishment and transform your supply chain making it more efficient than ever.

Equip your warehouse staff better: Manage your warehouse by providing tablets to workers on the floor, who can then record productions, worksheets, quality control checks, track time and escalate issues faster than before.

Increase stock traceability: Odoo’s unique double-entry inventory system help you track every stock move from purchase to warehouse & bin to sales order. It allows to trace everything across your supply chain at the touch of a button.

Generate real-time reports: With Odoo inventory management, nearly every metric you can ask for can be sorted, grouped, filtered and displayed in a histogram, chart or pivot table to give you insights into your operations.

You can make smarter decisions with real-time dynamic reports that are easily shareable & It also provides you with custom dashboards that give you visual insights into your supply chain.

odoo inventory management

Some key features:

Double entry inventory management: Allows end-to-end traceability of all your inventory, from suppliers to customers.

Replenishment rules: You can easily manage your entire warehouse from one screen and map out replenishment rules for various warehouses.

Bar code scanning: Odoo allows you to use bar code scanners for all your inventory operations, allowing you have better visibility of packed orders, incoming and outgoing shipments, etc.

Logging all activities: With features like activity log, lot tracking, serial numbers, perpetual valuation of packed orders, you can easily track your inventory.

Product types with different behavior: Be it consumables, physical products, services, or digital products, with Odoo inventory management you can add a myriad of custom fields.

How it can help your business:

  1. Maximizes warehouse efficiency by automating the whole warehouse
  2. Improves performance and process timing with the help of double-entry inventory system
  3. Manages stock outs with fully automated replenishment
  4. Help you experience total traceability by tracking every stock move
  5. Enables you to generate real-time reports with Odoo inventory system
  6. Facilitate efficient customer service by creating a single view of all purchase orders

How we can help your business:

We offer many Odoo services for your company, including:

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Nothing is more important to us than your needs. Once we start our projects, we make sure we adhere to timelines and get your implementation up and running within your desired budget.

Odoo Customization

We tailor Odoo for your distinct business needs and customized every bit to suit your needs.

Odoo Integration

We understand that you may be relying on some other software that want to continue using. We can seamlessly integrate these with Odoo for you.

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