Odoo Magento Integration

Odoo Magento integration

Odoo Magento Integration

If you are a business owner that is in need of an eCommerce platform, look no further than Magento. Known for being a self-hosted, multi-channel eCommerce platform, Magento is built on open source technology. This means that it provides online business owners with flexibility when it comes to their shopping cart system, along with the necessary control over the look, content and functioning of their online store. Alone, Magento provides online merchants with powerful marketing, SEO, and catalog-management tools. So how exactly does Odoo play into this, and is the Odoo Magento integration necessary?

Before scrutinizing the concept of combining Odoo and Magento together, let’s recap on Odoo. On the market, Odoo is known as an enterprise resource planning software that provides companies with a plethora of tools in order to better manage and optimize their business processes. Ultimately, Odoo is an all-in-one business management software that has helped hundreds of thousands of SMEs across all industries.

Now that we’ve established Odoo, let’s move onto the Odoo Magento integration and how it can help.

Essentially, the Odoo Megento integration helps store owners with synchronization of their product catalog, sales orders, invoices, and much more. In fact, by integrating Odoo to Magento 2, online merchants can take advantage of both platforms by simplifying and automating the data management process. 

Now that we know how it can help, why is the Odoo Magento integration necessary?

The Magento Odoo integration is necessary due to multiple reasons. To start, after a certain level of growth of a business, the data naturally gets bigger and more complex to manage. Simply put, manual entry of data between the two platforms is no longer possible. With the Odoo-Magento 2 connector app, online merchants can automate their vital business processes and eliminate the need for manual data entry in Odoo. This is done by enabling bi-directional data exchange between both platforms.

So what does this accomplish exactly?

By doing this, the module not only saves time, it also instantly synchronizes your catalogues, orders, customers, and inventory data from your online store (one or more) in Magento 2 to Odoo. With this integration, eCommerce business owners can manage most of their operations from Odoo itself. This means they will not need to log into multiple platforms (not even the Magento 2 admin panel) to manage their business operations. Additionally, they will also be able to integrate the inventory module with other popular and necessary business apps like CRM, Purchasing and even Accounting.

Odoo Magento Integration Features

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits this integration can provide to your business. Odoo explains the benefits of this integration by providing the chart as seen below:

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Odoo Magento 2 IntegrationIntegrate multiple Magento 2 web stores with Odoo and manage operations directly from Odoo
Manage OrdersImport Orders from Magento to Odoo
Manage StockSynchronize Product Stock between Odoo and Magento
Export InvoiceCreate Invoice in Odoo and export it to Magento
Manage ProductsManage Simple & Configurable Products
Import Customer DataImport Customer Data from Magento to Odoo
Export ShipmentExport Shipment Details along with Tracking number from Odoo to Magento
Set Automatic JobsSet automatic jobs to perform various Magento Odoo Integration operations


Other Benefits of the Odoo Magento 2 Integration

Below you’ll find other specific benefits of both importing and exporting operations of the Odoo Magento integration – as mentioned on the official Odoo page.

Import Operations

  • Introducing Webhooks: When the new Orders or Products or customers are Created at Magento, get it instantly in Odoo without waiting for the next cron job. (Note that, it is not applicable for Update, Cancel or any other operations of Orders and Products)
  • Import Orders in bulk or choose specific order to import based on date range
  • Import Products along with product variants
  • Import Product Stock levels
  • Import Customers

Export Operations

  • Update stock from Odoo to Magento
  • Update Order Shipment & Tracking Number
  • Cancel Order from Odoo to Magento
  • Create Invoice from Odoo to Magento

Odoo Magento Integration: Final Thoughts

This integration can certainly help eCommerce business owners who are looking to facilitate the labour work and optimize their business processes. Merging Odoo with Magento is a powerhouse move that can enhance your operations by giving you access to invaluable data. This information can then allow you to see the bigger picture and help you make high-level decisions for your business.

However, who you choose to help you implement this integration matters. Selecting an ERP partner that has the experience and expertise to guide you to your best solutions, as well as the knowledge necessary for this to succeed, is key to attain positive results.

Bista Solutions is the Odoo Gold Partner; earning the title of Odoo’s Best Partner USA in 2015, 2016 and 2018. We’ve also been nominated as the Odoo Best Partner in 2021. In fact, we have over 300 successful ERP implementations under our belts. All this to say, you can rest assured our team knows our way around Odoo. With our firm belief in full transparency, our team will never recommend a software solution, integration, or an app that wouldn’t help your business succeed. So if you want to learn more about the Odoo Magento integration, or anything else – contact us. We would be more than happy to schedule a free consultation and/or demo, to show you exactly how we can help.