Odoo Metal Fabrication ERP

Odoo ERP for the Metal Fabrication Industry
As one of the biggest industries around the globe, the metal fabrication industry undergoes an extensive process when it comes to manufacturing metals and ensuring its usability for various other sub-industries. In fact, the steps (and sub-steps) consist of casting, chipping, extrusion, forging, welding and much more in order to achieve the final product result. Needless to say, the execution must be done perfectly. As such, it only makes sense to implement the correct business management solution to increase both the efficiency and productivity of the company within such an industry. We have decades of experience with metal fabrication ERP implementation. We implement Odoo metal fabrication ERP for various companies in metal industry, some of them are listed at the bottom of the page with link to customer testimonials.

What is Odoo?

Odoo is an enterprise resource planning system that combines a suite of business management software tools. Known for its cost-effective and modular solutions, Odoo has a wide array of applications (apps) that can be implemented to improve business processes across the company. Essentially each app helps companies across all verticals with a specific part of their business. For example, the Sales team within a company may require an app that helps boost sales, while an Accounting team may need an app that helps manage finances. Apps are also segregated by company departments in order to ease the search (i.e. Human Resources apps include apps created to facilitate recruitment, to manage employees work hours, and such).

There are 30 Odoo enterprise apps (licensed) and over 18,000 Odoo Community apps (free and open-source). With the majority of its apps being open-sources, developers can easily tweak them in order to tailor them to a specific company. This means, with Odoo, you don’t have to change your company to fit an ERP – instead, Odoo works around your company’s needs and requirements. Furthermore, with countless integrations available, no matter what other platform you may be using to meet your business needs, the platform can be seamlessly integrated into Odoo.

There is very little Odoo cannot achieve, and with the Odoo 15 version recently released, the possibilities of improvement upon the implementation of Odoo are endless.

This brings us to how Odoo ERP can benefit companies within the metal fabrication industry.

Metal Fabrication Industry

Benefits of Odoo ERP for Metal Fabrication Industry

  • Precise and Accurate Product Configuration

The configurator app in Odoo ERP is capable of designing a product as per parameters and features given by the client. The product configurator reduces recursive errors and can shape up the products with minute details. Additionally, the product configurator is able to optimize the manufacturing process and simplify the complexity in model designing. This will automatically reside the manufacturing time, and the client will be able to receive their ideal product with the accurate design in less time.

  • Automation of Business-Process Operations

Odoo ERP can manage and reuse the database of the client within the same company. As such, any information that has been recorded in the client database can be used by other integrated apps. In fact, Odoo ERP is proficient in managing various processes within the metal fabrication industry. For example, end-to-end processes, which begin from the purchase of raw materials and end at the sales process of the finished metal sheets can be automated by Odoo.

  • Effective Inventory Management

A crucial component within the metal fabrication industry is inventory management. In addition to providing the required components of the product at any time, this department must make use of the inventory in order to maximize the productivity and profitability of the company.

Odoo ERP has effective functionalities to streamline different inventory management operations. If the company is huge, odds are that the quantity of the raw materials used within said company must also be huge. Odoo’s Inventory Management App helps avoid unnecessary accumulation of raw material dead stock. It can also analyze the demand when needed and as such, the department can plan procurement for further use.

  • Seamless Accounting and Finance Management

Odoo ERP allows data sharing with core business apps. This means that if, for example, within any business department, a change has been made in terms of purchasing production or inventory, Odoo’s finance app will automatically capture those changes and record them. Account Payable (AP) and Account Receivable (AR) information is also recorded as it is necessary to track customer payments, invoices and cash flow.

Odoo’s automated AP and AR processes in the finance app can effectively manage payments in a seamless manner. With it implemented, your company will never be late to make a payment. Instead, the company can reap its benefits via a quick collection of receivable payments.

Some other features of Odoo’s finance app help boost your company’s productivity. With accounting being transparent on the Odoo system, financial monitoring is a breeze. Additionally automated data entries reduce the chances of human error in both accounting and finance. As such, this app basically helps the company with risk management.

  • Quality Checks

With the metal fabrication industry, the company needs to ensure correct quality check environments in order to meet the expectation of the final manufactured product. This will involve testing the quality of product at various stages while the product is being manufactured. If there is a problem en route, the issue can be analyzed and corrective action can be taken. Quality awareness directly improves the product quality which can ensure clientele satisfaction. That’s where Odoo’s Quality Control app comes in play. Not only does it help with monitoring and double-checking, it can also help a company manage their product quality control.

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