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  • Jan 25, 2017
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ERP often covers every part of business operations from inventory, HR to CRM, until the office desktop became the sole domain of ERP, the only spot where a massive amount of data and large complex business functionality would fit.

All of that is shifting with the introduction of enterprise mobility. Businesses can now see that confining data and capabilities to the office is not the best way to move forward in an increasingly agile business world where mobile ERP capabilities exist. The best way to progress into a new reality is to develop enterprise mobile apps that can provide functionality while on the move. Having mobile access to business capabilities brings a pronounced benefit to the enterprise. Here are some of the advantages that will help you see why a company needs a mobile app.

  • Mobile Apps streamline and simplify cumbersome and monotonous tasks. It makes more proactive and stronger bonds with vendors, customers, and employees.
  • Businesses who employ ERP Mobile Apps have an advantage over their competitors. Customers today expect businesses to employ cutting-edge technology to deliver timely, high-quality services at the lowest possible cost.
  • Mobile apps reduce downtime and allow the team to be more productive with their time.
  • Mobile Apps consolidate information from many departments into a single database, allowing team members to work more effectively.
  • ERP Mobile Apps make it easier and more convenient to enter critical data accurately while on the job.
  • Mobile Apps make it easier to keep track of suppliers and inventory data at your fingertips, streamlining the entire supply chain.
  • Mobile apps assist in making the proper data-driven decisions from anywhere in the world by allowing speedier verification.
  • Mobile Apps facilitate intra-departmental communication, resulting in increased engagement.

Odoo Mobile app:

We are very well aware that Odoo is the future of business solutions due to its extensive features and flexibility to build modules to match the specific needs of each enterprise. With its Mobile applications, Odoo offers a spectrum of mobility options. It’s available in the Apple and Google App Stores, and it follows enterprise-level security and distribution best practices.

Odoo Mobile app is flexible and can streamline the business process with no compromise on operational efficiency. By providing leadership and employees with the tools they need to flourish, the Odoo mobile app solves several challenges.

Odoo Mobile app development can help you expand your business.

Odoo Mobile ERP Apps 

Some of the Odoo Mobile Apps’ Features:

  1. Easy Setup- Only one-time setup is required- Setup and configure your app with the Odoo backend once and you’re ready to go.
  2. Enable Offline Access- Odoo Mobile apps include offline capability, which allows users to save performed activities and sync them with Odoo ERP after the connection is restored. It enables the user to complete the activity sequentially even when there is a connectivity issue.
  3. Seamless Integration- Odoo Mobile apps offer unique features, such as fingerprint sensors, cameras, location detection, and transaction history. Simply submit the transaction receipt, and the ERP will use artificial intelligence to record it as a cost.
  4.  Automatic Synchronization- Changes made in the Odoo Mobile app are instantly updated and synchronized with the server, eliminating the need to update manually.
  5. Extended Functionality- The Odoo Mobile App makes it simple to add new features and capabilities to the Odoo ERP platform. With the assistance of a developer, it is quite simple to customize features in the Odoo mobile app.
  6. Compatible- Odoo’s mobile app is fully compatible and optimized for both iOS and Android devices.
  7. Real-Time data- Odoo Mobile app provides real-time information such as push notifications, real-time feed, instant messaging, and tracking live order status. When your company combines Odoo ERP with its mobile applications, you have limitless access to required and accurately updated data and information in real-time, making it incredibly easy to obtain crucial information at any time.

Why is Bista the best option for your Odoo Mobile App development?

Experience- For a long period, our firm has assisted countless businesses from various sectors. This allowed us to build expertise in everything related to Odoo and understand a business’s specific requirements for crafting the best solution for your firm.

Expertise- Before becoming a member of our team of experts, every Odoo ERP specialist has to go through a rigorous screening and training process. This gives us the confidence to do what we’re doing.

Support- Every business needs experienced help with Odoo ERP implementation, especially with the mobile app development function. Our Odoo ERP support team is always accessible to help you with any issues you may have. Always enlist the help of a professional!

Using Odoo Mobile apps can provide several benefits to your firm. With the help of Odoo mobile applications, your employees will be able to handle all of the essential business information from a mobile device with ease. It allows you to receive all of your company information on the move. It aids in the mobilization of information across several places, resulting in increased corporate agility. It’s up to you to decide whether you want a full-fledged Odoo mobile ERP or a standalone app that integrates with your main ERP system. Contact Us for more information.