Odoo (Open Source ERP) – Tableau Integration

Odoo (Open Source ERP)TableauIntegration

Tableau with Odoo

Integrations of different platform technologies had always given improved results and better outcomes. So as a part of our continual improvement policy, we at Bista Solution had come up with an Integration between two of the popular technologies of their categories i.e. Tableau with Odoo. We had successfully implemented this integration to one of our esteemed clients and have benefitted them of having a single login to Odoo and Tableau and have the advantage of powerful visualisation of Tableau into Odoo, under the same screen.They can now achieve Tableau reporting in Odoo.

So let’s understand something more about the

Tableau – Odoo Integration


So as we can see in the snapshot above, just like every other module there’s a new menu introduced under Odoo called “Visualization”. This contains the complete Tableau server view, which operates the same way as of a traditional Tableau server. That means with the single login you can access your Odoo and at the same time get all the analytical reports published on the Tableau server. It not only lets you access the report but also allows you to make changes to the report in the same way we perform on the Tableau server.

At the bottom of the Odoo page, share and edit link is provided and as the name suggests, with Share link we can share our reports and when clicked on edit link it will direct to a different page which will give the option for editing our existing report. So overall after this successful integration we have the flexibility of an open source ERP with the powerful self-service BI tool integrated into the same.

So just like most of our successful implementation, we are confident that the Tableau – Odoo Integration would definitely bring more value to your business.

To know more about this you can see our video by clicking here.

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