Sciencetech completes Odoo OpenERP integration with Magento Website

Sciencetech Completes OpenERP Integration with Magento Website (2014) Sciencetech Inc, a privately owned Canadian research and development company, with help from Bista Solutions, has finished integrating its new Open Source resource management software (OpenERP) with a brand new e-commerce site powered by Magento. Sciencetech offers a huge variety of spectroscopic, solar simulation, and far infrared/terahertz (THz) instrumentation, and so the process of integrating a single software package to handle both the front and back end of the business is considered a major advance for the small company. The initial steps of this integration involved switching the company over from its old manufacturing control software and client resource management program, MYSIS and ACT!, and combining the two into the single open source software package offered by OpenERP. This step i financed in part by the Government of Canada’s Industrial NRC DTAPP program, which provided both training and financial support for the shift.

“This is a big step forward,” says Sciencetech’s President, Scott Hafekost. “As a high tech company, having a modern and adaptable website is a priority for us. Our old website, which we built around a existing Drupel framework, functioned well enough for its time, but it was long overdue for a complete overhaul. But with only 35 people on staff, it was difficult to prioritize internal resources to get this done. This is why we reached out to Bista Solutions, who worked together with us to implement both OpenERP and the Magento website.”

By using one software package to manage both the manufacturing and sales portions of the company’s operations, Mr. Hafekost stated that a remarkable increase in efficiency has already been measured. Adding the functionality to update the website daily with information in their database is a critical step in the corporation’s goals of streamlining and modernizing operations.

“This integration is projected to make us upwards of 25% more efficient, and reduce overhead by a substantial amount, Mr. Hafekost added. “Working with Bista Solutions, who are leaders in OpenERP and website integration, has been a critical component of this work. The result is better customer service, smoother internal processes, real time information tracking, and increased profitability. Bista Solutions onsite training was very helpful and cost effective”

“It is great to be associated with an innovative and high tech company such as ScienceTech. They have a very talented team of engineers who are passionate about technology. With OpenERP they have a solution that meets their current and future needs for a very reasonable price.” says Bista Solutions Director, Shahid Bandarkar