Odoo Openerp: U.A.E. Localization

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  • Apr 03, 2017
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Odoo OpenERP: U.A.E. Localization

Odoo is the fastest-growing ERP software in the world right now. With more than 2 million users functioning on it and with new extensions that integrate other business functions such as CRM, CMS, and E-Commerce, it has incontrovertibly become the most coveted free software by businesses worldwide.

What is more compelling is the fact that it is extensively customizable to the whims directed by the programmer, operated by the most advanced intelligence and logical foundation that currently exists. This paves the way for further manipulation of the design and interface to the user’s very specific needs. Coming with a professional support and warranty like other countries just to adds its viability.

There are almost more than 200 localization apps for different countries such as Russia, Ukraine, India, Indonesia, Algeria etc.

Odoo/OpenERP U.A.E. Localization was planned to give all U.A.E. guidelines and practices in odoo/opener to make it more versatile in advertisements.To accomplish this we have executed different modules

Giving standard U.A.E bookkeeping rehearses like one accomplice one record, adjust by an accomplice and so forth.

Aside from this, we have additionally actualized standard practices of HR alongside Self Service Portal, WBS File Generation, Gratuity, ISPF, and ESIC announcing.

This localization contains standard accounting practices Thar being followed by U.A.E. accountants and accepted by U.A.E accountants.

Odoo OpenERP localization means to create odoo openerp database with custom localizations i.e. with country currency and country specific chart of accounts and legal reports (trial balance, balance sheet and income statement, profit and loss statement).

Features of this localization

1.Separate account creation per partner

2.Accounting entries as per norms and legal practices

3.Separate account for suppliers and customers

4.Bank account reconciliation

5.Customer payment due reporting

The accounting profession in U.A.E has been growing remarkably with its growth.During the early days of the formation of the country, most of the accounting profession was held by Asians.With the expansion of U.A.E and so remarkable growth in its accounting.

ERP Accounting:

The manual accounting of the good ‘old days has been overlooked after the landing of ERP. With more business open doors and bookkeepers from everywhere throughout the world, we can see utilization of assortment of ERP in the district. Global programming from SAP, Oracle, Sage, QuickBooks, Peachtree to local particular programming resembles Tally, Focus, and so forth to privately engaged programming resembles Comrade.

Budgeting & Analysis:

The underlying motivation behind having the bookkeeper from an agent was simply to comprehend the productivity of the business and to comprehend the money related position. Yet, today the part has expanded to planning, dissecting, costing, and so forth.

MIS Reporting:

There is parcel of MNC’s working in UAE and they have impacted the way of life of MIS Reporting in the area. Consequently, month to month shutting off the books of records has likewise picked up the parcel of noticeable quality.


Money is the Lifeblood of any business and since bookkeeper is the person who works the trade out the business his part has been expanding. The part of a bookkeeper is developing in the transaction with money related establishments, providers, clients and other key partners. The UAE has an effective SME area and more often than not bookkeeper is the fund administrators of the organization.

we hope this short snippet would have helped you in getting some insights of Odoo Openerp UAE Localization. Stay tuned for more information on odoo.

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